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We use a very unique way of using the 50/50 rule. Every Sunday the cashout button will be active. Instead of you upgrading 50% of your cashout we allow you to cashout half of your current cash. This is OUR version of the 50/50 rule that cost you nothing to get paid until your upgrade expires then you must upgrade 50% of your pending cashout.

USA Payroll Debit Card

We have excellent news to give you. If you upgrade using our new E-Checking service (which is free to use) you will receive a FREE Debit Card. This card will be used to load funds from payouts from Surf Marketing Network.

If you have a US checking account try our new E-Check direct deposit services. It's FAST and FREE to use. Even payouts go directly to your checking account. (NOTHING TO JOIN AND NOTHING TO DOWNLOAD)

Program Plans

* 7% Daily for 21 Days ( Very Stable Plan )
* 7% referral commission
* 50/50 Rule
* Purchase Ad Packs from $5 to $10,000
* View 15 sites to Earn
* We Accept E-Checks $ Our Payroll Debit Card
* 15 second timer

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