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For years we have watched the Surf industry tear itself apart because of scammer administrators, poor management, script hacks and many other issues which a lot of you have experienced. We at the Global Ad Corp., have decided to make a difference, and bring integrity, honesty and stability back to the surfing industry. By offering each of our members the opportunity to join our Program, we bring to them a security and stability that has been sadly lacking in this industry. With Global Ad Corp, we are offering each member the opportunity to earn 10% per upgrade unit per day for 15 days, giving each member a 150% ROI per upgrade package. This is truly a great opportunity for each of our members. We not only offer the stability that many people are looking for, plus we also provide an earning opportunity that not many other programs can uphold.

Program Plans

# Receive 10% Daily on advertising upgrades by simply viewing 15 other clients ads daily.
# Upgraded advertising packages expire in 15 days.
# Have three different upgrade packages running at the same time.
# No 50/50 Rule
# Receive 10% commission bonuses by referring others to GlobalAdCorp.
# $10 per upgrade advertising unit
# Maximum 6,000 advertising units available.
# Advertise up to 3 sites at a time.

# 0.4 Advertising credits for viewing advertised sites
# Receive a 1% commission bonus by referring others to GlobalAdCorp.com.
# View our clients advertising and earn credits.
# Advertise one site for all of our clients to view.
# Non-active accounts will be deleted 14 days after last activity.

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