is a paid to autosurf website.We choosed the daily payout system because we want our members to receive as fast as possible their payments and because we know that fast payments are a successful ingredient of a good program. No more waiting for expiring of the upgrade, no more delays in payouts, simply getting money fast! We are going to make this program a grand success. But obviously we need your help for this to happen. So we are going to reward those members who will assist us to make this happen.There are many ways we make money, from paid advertisers, to Forex (foreign exchange) trading to playing the odds. We are targeting as one of the best autosurf sites on the market in near future.

Program Plans
* Earn 10% daily for 15 days
* 5% referral commission
* Min upgrade is $2 and Max is $4000
* We Accept only E-Gold
* Payment paid INSTANTLY. $0.01 minimum cashout
* Surf 10 sites to earn, Time last 15 seconds
* Advertise up to 20 sites
* 100 Credits Signup Bonus
* Dedicated Server

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SurfInstant - Instant Payout Every Day! ::10% Daily for 15 Days
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