Adsmania, the first member built autosurf ever created. Every detail of this program was thought of, decided on and implemented by autosurfing members. The site was built ground up by Mike Gallagher aka PHPMike. Our site (your site) is always being added to with new fresh ideas being voted on and put in place almost daily.

The Staff of understands that sometimes Adverse things happen to Companies that are out of our control. In our Previous Company,, We were taken by surprise when one of our Payment Processors blocked our account for no apparent reason. is taking steps to be prepared should that type of situation ever occur again. We are the first in the industry to offer our Members Specific levels of Protection. Listed below are the levels our Account holders may choose from.

Account Types Fees Benefits
Account Type Basic : 1 day cashout 5 day cashout 7 day cashout
N/A 3% 1%
Extremely Low fees.
Account Type Premium : 1 day cashout 5 day cashout 7 day cashout
6% 4% 2%
Medium rate fees. Guaranteed 50% rebate on all of your advertising deposits minus any rebates already received, from the time your account becomes premium.
Account Type Secured : 1 day cashout 5 day cashout 7 day cashout
9% 5% 3%
Guaranteed 100% rebate on all of your advertising deposits minus any rebates already received, from the time your account become secured.


All members can earn money for viewing advertisements in our website rotation ad rotator. Advertisers may also receive rebates on their advertising. Our rebate system is based on PROFITS not adpack purchases. adsmania pays members based on PROFITS generated by the company as a whole NOT adpack purchases! This is what makes us different. We offer a generous 5% advertising package purchase commission and another feature not seen in any other autosurf. Sponsors receive commission from all text, credit and banner ad purchases that your downline makes. Members also receive a huge 25% commission on all text, banner, credit and other advertising purchases.


Proudly boasting a unique monitored by members monitor. All site submissions to the monitor are free. Each adsmania members has one vote per site which can be updated daily. Each member chooses the status paying, waiting, notpaying etc... This gives a truly unique monitor which can not be influenced by kick backs or other forms of incentive to give sites higher rankings. All ranking are determined by the overall average of the members votes. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention everytime you vote your referral link for that site is automatically added into that sites banner and link on the monitor. If anyone signs up through those links when your link is in rotation, you will get the referral. Since the members run the monitor the members receive the referrals from the monitor.


A built in forum allows for ease of use so members do not have to login to a separate area to post. Once you log in to adsmania you are logged in to the autosurf and the forum all at once.


Not only is adsmania an autosurf, a monitor and a forum; the site also contains an autosurf manager. What is an autosurf manager? The autosurf manager allows you to keep track of all your autosurfs from one location. You can record each spend and each payment received. The manager will calculate how much in the hole or in profit you are for each site you are in.


The site has many many misc features such as bookmarking sites, favorite site manager, detailed earning statistics, rewards/points system, private messaging, networking tools and even the 7 day weather forecast for your town! You name it and it's in the site, and if it isn't let us know and we will add it!


This built by members autosurf was designed for both program owners and program members especially those actively promoting their websites or affiliate links.We make it easy to get members underneath you for adsmania and for any other program you are in.

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