Why give money to scams when you can make even more money investing in own business, safely? You can become a real shareholder of this real business and sell your share later earning 10 times more, or you can keep own and develop it, as you wish. Real legal deal, real people, real big profits and interesting business isn't it what you have been looking for?

The offer: invest any amount in the business and earn 20% each month.
Business: licensed payment system, startup.
Principal: back anytime.
Guarantee: you become a real shareholder of a company that has license for payment services and builds a payment system that will replace STP, PerfectMoney etc. You can really make a fortune here.

Interested? Email [email protected] Or I am ready to answer any questions you may have and pass all kinds of verification here.

Description: payment systems charge HYIPs a lot of money for nothing. I analyzed all of them: a HYIP loses from 3% to 7% from every transaction, yet it cannot take credit cards, yet they must use fake IDs and any account can be easily blocked when a smart ass does it right with complaints so everyone may lose it all. With 100 to 500 running HYIPs with $20K/monthly turnover average they may have easy $1mil/monthly profit! They make a fortune but they can screw anyone anytime! Huh?!

I have a license for money transmitting services and for electronic money processing and I want to build a payment system for high-risk businesses like HYIPs. I will charge twice less but offer more as the system is legitimate. I have clear understanding how to do this right, legally (with credit cards) and to get a good piece of their cake. I am sure it will make a lot of money and our company will cost a lot of money.

All investors become partners and get shares of my company, officially or unofficially as they like. A share earns 20% monthly plus opportunity to sell it anytime for more.

My email for details [email protected]