Decent design. Well Pay plan. This is one I look forward to what will be a hit!

Advertising packages:

Buy for $ 1 promotional campaign and earn $ 1.55 in only 20 seconds.
15% commission at least $ 5 Conclusion
Silver plans to return 155% Premium plan and Returns 210%
Marketplace for online trading
Earn your daily dividend on the action Life


In each level you will get different ads Value
If you have to activate Ads Filter you get 10 paid ads
Ads Filter will not affect your earning
Every $ 1 advert camping give bonus points to 1550
Every 1 bonus point you will receive $ 0,001 Paid ads

Earn bonus points:
Free Earn bonus points, and each campaign will get bonus points. Converting these bonus points in real dollars. With every $ 1 of the campaign you will earn 1,550 bonus points. Each bonus point is worth $ 001. The value of paid ads on a daily basis depends on the loyalty points.

Make an investment in shares of:
Adz Point offer a unique investment opportunity. Invest in silver plan 155% or premium 210% plan Payment systems:
SolidTrustPay, Payza, Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney