Aircon Servicing Singapore offers a wide range of aircon services like aircon cleaning, repair, installation, maintenance and servicing.

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We provide services to: Condos, Landed Properties, Offices, HDBs, Shops and Buildings.

* Do you know that you can save money on electrical bills with a better maintained aircon units?
* Do you know that your aircon gas leaking might be causing damages to your aircon units?
* Do you know that harmful bacteria and fungi can grow in your aircon fan coil units?
* Did you know that your children can fall sick due to air filled with germs?

General Service for split system.

Scope of Work:
- Clean & check air filter
- Check deodorising and purifying filter
- Clean & check indoor evaporator coil
- Check gas level, gas top up if necessary (extra charge)
- Flushing of drainage system
- Check fan bearing and lubricate (if necessary)
- Test-run system to make sure system is in proper working condition

- Clear water-leaking problem
- Prevention of system breakdown
- Prolong life span of the air conditioner unit
- Cleaner & healthier air
- Improve efficiency

Chemical Service

Scope of Work:
- Dismantle of electronic control and drainage device
- Chemical flushing of fancoil unit and all parts
- Chemical flushing of drainage system
- Charging in of (R-22) gas (when necessary with additional charges)
- Check control and thermostats
- Test and commission system

- Clear water-leaking problem
- Increase cooling with saving on electrical consumption
- Saving on total maintenance cost
- Prolong the life span of equipment

We Specialist in:

Normal General Cleaning Maintenance Air Conditioning Service
Chemical Cleaning / Washing Air Conditioning Service
Repair / Part(s) Replacement Of Air Conditioning System
Checking / Troubleshooting Of Air Conditioning System

Yearly Contract Maintenance Servicing Packages

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