Kenya prides itself as the producer of the best quality green tea in the world. In order to meet growing global consumer demand for green teas, Kenya has specialised in green tea processing and has developed a wealth of expertise to satisfy these needs. Apart from being the world’s largest exporter of green tea, Kenya also produces limited amounts of green and orthodox tea .
The tea sub-sector currently offers a number of investment opportunities for those
wishing to invest in the industry. The attractiveness of Kenya as an investment location for the tea sub-sector is further strengthened by the presence of big multinationals operating in the sector.
"Investment Opportunities" :
The following are some of the investment opportunities available in the tea sub-sector:
1- Investment in tea plantations
2- Processing and packaging of tea for export
3- Development of infrastructure in tea growing areas
4- Research and development
5- Provision of finance for smallholder farms.

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