The most awaited site is here.

It is like readbud but far better, all you have to do is read and share articles from imcrew

join right now and you will get $10.

refer a friend and you will get $2 per referrals until their pre-launch at August 1.

There is no harm in trying. lets see until they officially launch.

happy referring.

Quote from their website:
Until the 1st of August, we are in the pre-launch stage. At the moment you can earn money by referring other users to join Imcrew - You will earn $2 for every active referral. Use your referral link to do this. After the of August You will be able to earn money by Reading and Sharing articles what we will provide to you, you will be able to earn up to $1275/month by doing this. So Copy your Referral link and give it to everyone you know- because you will be able to earn $2 for everyone you refer and also 20% of their Revenue what they get from reading and sharing articles.