FileBling is a new hosting file. They pay $40 per 1000 downloads. No ranks, Pay download of all countries, they pay by filesize.

Referring to the chart above, if you upload a 140mb file, and you get 1000 downloads, 10 upload points x 1000=10000 upload points=$20!

- FTP Upload
- Remote Upload
- Remote Upload supports links RapidShare, MegaUpload, NetLoad and HotFile!!!
- Users Free only can download files smaller than 200 mb becouse files bigger than 200 mb must have premium user for download.
- 10% refferal earnings.
- Reffering users is via refferal link or download link.
- They pay downloads of all countries.
- Mininium payment is $15 (7500 Points)
- Paypal, MoneyBrookers, ePassporte.

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Good hosting!!! I try it.