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Welcome To Solar Rewardz

We offer a $5.00 sign on bonus and 500 solar rewardz (points)sign on bonus just for signing up ! How easy is that?

We own and run Fire House Offers and Solar Rewardz. Our goal is to make both of these sites the best GPT sites to work for.

Make sure you check out our Currents Contests!

You can find our contests calendar by clicking on either the referral contest or contest PTS contest links on the top menu. Click on the "OFFERS" link on the left hand menu to start making money

This is not one of those "get rich quick" schemes, and I can't tell you how to become a millionaire over night. What I can do is show you how to Earn a couple hundred bucks worth of gift cards, electronics etc

or more each month, without any start up cost! That's right, you don't have to do anything, but sit at home, on your computer for 20 or so minutes a day. See, advertisers will pay you money to look at ads, sign up for services & take surveys.

Simply put, there is a whole industry out there called "Get Paid To" or GPT. And this is exactly what we are!

Our Minimum Cash Out is $20.00

We pay on a net 35 basis. The reason we do this is because our affiliates do not get their final reports until the end of the following month. So lets say for example: You cash out the end of June, our affiliates then send in their final reports to us around the last week of July, then if there are any reversals etc, we can adjust it on our end.

I realize there are sites out there that pay every day, week, bi weekly, and that's great for them. But as it has been told to us by 3 different affiliates now: "they have seen sites lose 2-3 thousand dollars in a months time because of not staying on a net 35. They have already paid their members, and, reversals, denials etc came in, which then makes the site owner out their money. And frankly, we cannot afford to lose that kind of money. And I don't think our users would appreciate seeing us take the money back from their current earnings on the following months work.

We offer a weekly JACKPOT now!

For every approved offer from our Jackpot category that you do and is approved, .15 cents goes into the Jackpot and at the end of the week the computer randomly picks one winner. You can now buy JP entries using your points but you cannot use the sign on bonus points unless you are an active member. If you win the JP by using the sign on points and don't do any offers your winnings will be forfeited.

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