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Create a 1000+ page site in minutes!

Instant Optimizer crawls search results (or any site you like). We use these results as "seed documents" in our patent-pending software to instantly create a rich, cross-linked, and super-optimized site that you can download right now! Once set-up on your site, the search engines will rapidly index your new pages, giving you massive new inflows of traffic. Are you ready?!

Nothing to download!

Our software runs on our server. You don't have to download anything except the site that you will soon create. You have complete control over the pages that are created. Our patent-pending "mini-language" lets even non-programmers quickly construct rich sentences, paragraphs, and pages that will get you indexed in minutes!

Why do you need a 1000+ page site?

We guarantee that our software will increase your search engine listings. Don't worry, these aren't some guy's idea of "smart pages" -- instead, we offer a complete toolkit to create totally different, powerful, and OPTIMIZED pages. You can easily add cloaking scripts, rss feeds, pop-ups, banner ads, links to other sites... ANYTHING you want.

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