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Recently a team of top producers in networking came together and aligned themselves with a solid, well managed and financed company to build one of the most powerful business building machines ever created. The Absolute Business Connection known as A-B-C, is a business that is Extremely Powerful, but it is as simple as A-B-C.

The company the top producers aligned themselves with is JISL Ltd. They took an extremely successful JISL Program begun in 1997, added a second popular, well seasoned, JISL Program and bundled them as one system that can build fast and pay a full family income quickly.

This system works like nothing else you have ever seen in the network industry. It is designed around multiple points of leverage. These leverage points are simply ways of paying our members more than one time for doing a single task. The system is fully automated with a Support Team in place to help every one of our members

You are invited to join with them as they personally help you build a home office business that can be the last business you will ever need to build. You can discover the freedom to live your life "your way" and never ever be dependent financially on anyone or any company again.

This business building Machine is not a downline club. a game or a get rich tomorrow scheme. It's a business alliance. You can use it as a stand alone Full Family Income Generator or A-B-C will work to help you build and improve a business you now have. This program is for serious marketers, people who truly want to build a lasting business.

You can team up now with the best in the industry and you'll have personal access by E-mail and by Phone to help you build your business. You can watch your profits grow day by day and for years and years.

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Bulletin: May 20, 2009

1. JISL 12.5 Year Anniversary - 2. New Conference Call Overview - 3. Start Conference Calls and Training for WLS - 4. The Importance of Staying in Touch
1. JISL 12.5 Year Anniversary
Twelve and a half years ago JISL introduced its first MLM program in Europe. Six months later we introduced a second program that is now known as The $5 Program. After that we brought out the Step2 Program, The Crown Program, the Lottery Program, the Elite Business Society, the ******* Program and recently, the World Lottery Syndicates. Many people are very successful in one or more of these programs and have built a downline that spans more than 180 countries around the world.

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