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The Site Where Dreams Really Can Come True.

Have you been dreaming...

for a way to make money online? Are you tired of the half cent or penny per click sites? Sick of clicking on ads all day just to make $10.00 in a month? Can't find a site that works in your part of the world? Looking for a place to advertise your site or product but your ads never last long enough to see any result?

Then your DREAMS have just come true.

It is time to reverse your thought process. Instead of waiting to make $10.00 a month, take $10 and start making $100's or even $1000's a month at the only site where the members activity dictate how much and how fast you earn.

What can you buy with $10.00?

You could buy...
1 movie ticket (no refreshments)
2 Double Whoppers
7 bottles of cola
10 cups of coffee

At 10dollardreams.com you can buy what we call a "Business Card" (BC) for $10.00 and start earning even without any referrals. Then once you have made ten dollars more you can use your balance to purchase another BC and make money twice as fast. That's because with every BC you own you earn more money. The more BC's you have the more money you make.

So here at 10dollardreams.com you set your DREAM goal of how much you want to make, and then work to get there starting with just $10.00. So if you want to make $50.00 a day, all you need to do is work your way up to the amount of BCs that will give you $50.00 a day.

On top of earning money with every BC you own, you also get to advertise your sites and products to other members. Once again the more BC's you own the more your ads will be seen.

Even if you can't afford to go without your 1 movie ticket. We make it to where you can start for FREE. To do this you just have to sign up and get referrals. For every BC your referrals buy you get $1.00. This is a quick way to make some fast money and get started.

You can add funds and withdraw your earnings based on our cashout policy listed in the Terms of Service. We currently use the AlertPay Payment processor to process all funds and withdrawals. If you do not have an AlertPay account sign up here to receive you free account.

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