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For thousands of years, civilizations and people around the world have coveted Gold, Silver and Platinum as the most valuable assets they could own. From the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans to the Babylonians, Egyptians and Mesopotamians precious metals have been held aloft as the ultimate store of value and the universal currency. As national currencies have come and gone, precious metals have been particularly valued as insurance during currency collapse, political upheaval, social unrest and war. It is only in the last 35 years that governments, financial
institutions and investors have forgotten the lessons of the past.
Precious metals are assets that are not anyone’s promise to pay, nor are they dependent on anyone for their value. With today’s volatility and uncertainty in the financial markets, the addition of precious metals to a portfolio will ensure proper diversification and reduce overall portfolio volatility.

Why invest
When an Investor is purchasing Gold, Silver and Platinum he is, in effect, taking out portfolio insurance, since Gold tend to increase in value when equities, bonds and currencies decline. Astute professional investors, financial advisors and portfolio managers recommend holding at least 5 % of a portfolio in precious metals to reduce volatility and improve long term returns.

Gold - The Time is Now
In recent history, there has not been an investment opportunity with such an attractive risk / reward ratio as there is right now for Gold. This bullish outlook results from the basic supply and demand dynamic, along with increasing investment demand due to global economic uncertainty and the declining dollar.
A small change in investors sentiment from financial assets to precious metals will result in dramatic price increases.

As all markets tend to be cyclical, it is important to consider the performance of precious metals during the last bull market in the seventies. During this period, the US dollar declined and equity values remained flat, while Gold increased 2,300 %, Silver 2,500 % and Platinum 900 %. Today, the economic vulnerabilities that may negatively impact the financial assets are far greater than they were in the seventies.


Diamonds are the most concentrated store of value that exists. They are tangible, ******** and liquid investments that investors make privately. Investors can use diamonds without decreasing their value and they pay no property tax on their investment. Diamonds are a long-term, no-risk investment. Their value is based on their rarity, which can fluctuate with the discovery of new sources and the exhaustion of old mines.
They are simply “real-estate in your pocket”. They are the best form of ******** wealth in the world today and they have a stunning track record!

Invest in diamonds?
Diamonds are not only quality pieces of jewelry but also very fine investment. Diamonds have been luxurious goods since ancient times, and even today they present smart investment. Diamonds prices are constantly growing in the last 100 years, and above all diamonds are internationally recognized goods. You can buy diamond in Europe and sell it in USA, and there is also no problem in exchanging it for any currency, in any part of the world.
Diamonds are much better investments than for instance antiques or art, because they don't lose their value with time, in fact their value is constantly growing, and there is even possible to predict its value increase over certain time.
Diamonds are also traditional value as they represent that "winning combination" of beauty and high value. Diamonds are also extremely ****** goods (because of its size), so technically you can transport couple of $ millions worth value in your pocket, easy and quietly. This mobility comes especially handy if you have to make "quick getaway" (natural disasters, fire, floods), whereas art collections for instance don't have this luxury of easy mobility, and can therefore present lost investment. Diamonds are also almost indestructible, they can only be scratched by other diamonds, and have lifetime of couple of million years which means they will last (with basic care) for at least next 1000 generations after you. And with time their value will only grow. Diamonds are also hidden treasures , and something you can successfully hide from your environment if you want to keep low profile about your fortune.

And the recent major economic growth in some countries in Asia (China, India) has also affected their diamond consumption, and the demand for diamonds will grow significantly. It is really not the question whether the investment in diamond is a wise move, it is more the question of whether you have sufficient funds or not. If yes then diamonds should be among priority choices of any wise investor.

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