I am not admin.


1. Let me ask each of you a question?
2. When did this industry get to a point where customer service took a backseat to surfs that last only a few days and the only ones earning are the admin?
3. When did we lower our standards to the point that the trust that once flourished has gone by the wayside like the programs of days past?
4. All of that stops today! My name is Irina Orzetic and let me take you to a place of earning that many thought was long gone with the days of 12DP and others. Let us rocket you into the fourth dimension of earnings that you didn't even know existed! Let me welcome you to Nova-Surf.
5. Nova Surf is a place where you will find good friends, good earnings and a "customer is always right" attitude. This is a place where the defects that we have grown accustomed to from other programs will be changed, where money will be made in a friendly environment suitable for all skill levels. With a dedicated and caring staff who are here to meet your every need.
6. With a reserve fund strong enough to sustain us through even the slowest times you will find a vehicle here like none other. The one that will restore your faith in Autosurfs and make us all believers once more in the power of teamwork!