Guys, now you can invest with a peace of mind.
With Olympex Group your investment funds are insured and protected.
Find it out here:
Olympex Group IBC || Global Investment Management Company

Note for large investors:
OG provides a bank guarantee (hard copy) for an investment of at least $50,000.
OG also provides an investment contract (hard copy) for an investmentof at least $10,000.

Olympex Group Managed Investment Account Features:
- Instant deposits/withdrawals
- Minimum Balance of USD 5
- Maximum Balance of USD 50,000 (Can be exceeded at the managers discretion)
- Initial deposit insurance
- Interest paid upon investment account maturity
- Investment account prolongation option
- E-currency / Bank Wire / Western Union depositing options
- Investment contract for investments over $10,000
- Bank Guarantee for investment worth or over $50,000

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