Folks, I realized that not many of you realize whats going on in todays world. Government and private businesses are spying on your daily internet activity, internet service providers are watching your every move on the net, search engines are logging your searches, hackers have ample opportunity to hack your computer using your real ip address, and websites are placing tracking mechanisms on their sites to track your moves and provide data to them about you so it can be collected and sold to marketers. Spam email is at an all time high and none of this is good news.

The good news is that there is an organization that is dedicated to your rights. They do value your privacy and anonymity. They can teach you how to remain safe online, provide anonymity back to you, and make you untraceable. Who are we? We are International Alliance Privacy Services.

Offering anonymity products such as Private Email Accounts that are completely free of any and all advertisements, you can be assured that no robot, search engine, or any one else can see or read your emails. This is a 100% ad-free experience for you. At only $29 USD a year, how could you go wrong?

How about becoming anonymous online and surfing the web under one of our ip addresses instead of your own? Check out our Virtual Private Network accounts. With 8 countries to choose from, there are plenty of countries available. Full setup support is available to assist you if you find that you do not understand how to set this up on your local computer.

For those of you who want the ultimate in privacy, protection, and encryption with an offshore ip address, an IAPS SSH Account is exactly what you need. With 768-bit AES encryption that changes on an hourly basis, this ensures that not only are you blocking out your internet service provider from being able to track you, but you are blocking out your government, employer, and school or university as well.

International Alliance Privacy Services is at the forefront of encryption technology that is designed to keep you safe, secure, and anonymous while you are enjoying your online experience. We own and operate all of our own servers and utilize the latest technological advances currently known. We believe every individual deserves their privacy rights back and we are here to help you achieve this.

Have you ever thought about hosting your own website? We have everything you need for this as well and can provide you with the guidance you need to setup your own website. Have a look at the IAPS Hosting Plans to see what plan is right for you! If you need assistance, you can always click here to contact us. We are always interested in how we can assist you in meeting your goals.

Need to Register A Domain? Yep, we can do that too! As International Alliance Privacy Services is a registrar, we can register any domain name no matter what you choose as long as its available to be registered. There are no third party companies involved here and we provide all of our own services in-house. We offer fully featured services so you can find everything you need all in one place.

Need an SSL Certificate to keep your clients and visitors safe while visiting your website? You've come to the right place. Don't know how to install an SSL Certificate? An IAPS Technical Support Representative can assist you in this. Our trained technicians can get you up and running in no time at all!