Hot off the presses! Here's the link for the new program - AdGateWorld ~ an ASD clone.

Yes, I still hope that ASD comes back, but I don't see any reason to stop a good clone.

AGW is located offshore in Panama.
It's run by Professionals who were big players in ASD and know the pitfalls as they went through them.

This is in Pre-Launch and may not be up and running smoothly for perhaps a month.
Also please watch the teaser video on the home page!

IMPORTANT:You can sign up for F.R.E.E now, but I must ask that you email me back with your username and the email address that you used when you signed up. We are in at the very beginning here .... So I would like to keep track of my downline and I urge you to do the same ..... at least until the Back Office and site has opened and is running smoothly.

So please send me your Name, Username and Email after you register for FREE.

Start building your team right away as we have about 4 weeks to prepair for this wonderful new money making opportunity!

BUTů There is no need to refer new members to earn rebates.

Here is the link: AD Gate World

Your referrer should show up as retiresecure

To promote your referral link once you have signed up simply change the user name a the end of the link..
AD Gate World

To our huge success, once again!