The IAPS Private Email Program:

- A private domain personal email account
- Accessible via webmail and pop clients
- Completely ad-free
- Privately maintained on IAPS servers
- Hosted on dedicated servers
- One yearly fee only
- Not linked to our main domain
- 500 MB Storage

Have you ever wanted an ad-free email account? Tired of robots scanning your emails in order to target relevant ads to you? I'm not sure about you, but I am tired of all the ads I see every where on the internet. International Alliance Privacy Services has heard your cry!

We have developed a completely ad-free email experience for you! No ads - not even ones from us! Finally get peace of mind that your emails are completely private and not being looked at by others or robots. There will never be a single ad inside or outside your email account!

These private email accounts are accessible via pop3 and webmail. Check your email from any where at any time! Our yearly price? Only $29.00 USD per year. How can it get better than that? Sign up today!

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Looking to hide your ip address? Then look no further than our secure and encrypted Virtual Private Network Accounts.

Had a second to look at our Secure Shell (SSH) Accounts? This account has extreme encryption power and will block out all those who attempt to track you, hack you, or bother you. Plus you will receive an ip address from any of our 8 supported countries!

There is so much to choose from in the IAPS Security Store why not visit us today!

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