These kind of questions are not only shameful but utterly barbaric. First you need to understand the implications of this on your country, Nigeria. In case you do not know, Quora is global and as such, stuff like this are seen by people in Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Singapore, Norway and New Zealand. In short people across the whole world.

What impression do you think this will create in the mind of the readers? Nigerians sell their body parts? It is because of people like you that we have problems at immigration when we travel. Not necessarily because you sell your kidney but because you look for any avenue possible to get rich whether right or wrong.

Then the second part of the problem is your health. Why will you even think of selling your kidney? Can't you think of more appropriate ways of making money? Your mates in the developed parts of the world and even here in Nigeria are creating enterprises and wealth that benefit millions and the only thing you think you can do is sell your vital organs. Have you even thought about the health implications? Not long you will come to Quora asking where you can sell your brain in Nigeria.

In the Nigeria that I live and want, we don't trade in body parts, we work hard despite the so many challenges. We are entrepreneurs who are resilient and industrious. The market you are looking for does not exist here.


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