eCom is on fire right now, as you've probably heard. Total newbies are going from never having made a dime to five and six figures in record time.

But you gotta know what you're doing and you've got to fill you store with proven products that people actually want.

...and now for the first time ever, a new technology has come along that builds six figure niche ecom stores FOR YOU, with all of the latest, and proven best-selling products in just five minutes flat. It's called Shopifill

You have got to watch the demo on the page above. I had no idea that this was even possible.

You see, one of my good friends, Ross Carrel has come up with a solution for perhaps the biggest problem newcomers and veterans alike have. And he's created a software that automates the largest source of wholesale / dropship products on the Internet.

...and with just a few clicks it takes the best-selling products in any niche and builds a complete, profit-ready Shopify store for you, in the time it takes to drink your morning coffee.

With a bunch of smart technology working for you behind the scenes, from just a small list of keywords, it'll go out and automatically find all the best-sellers based on actual, up to date sales figures.

All you have to do is select which ones you want to sell and click one button and bang, the software snaps everything together on your Shopify store like magic.

It creates the product on your store, adds all the product images, assigns it to the proper category, sets the pricing and all the variations of the product (color, size, etc). It's all automated!

I've never seen anything like this. It truly is something that you have to see for yourself.

Because in just five minutes flat, you can go from a basic, empty Shopify store to a fully filled, optimized and categorized store, teaming with proven hot selling products.

But hurry, because the launch period is only 5 days - and during that period only you can snag up to 50% discount and some really awesome bonuses.

If you've been wanting to jump into the ecom game but haven't been sure how to get started, this is perfect. If you're already running stores, then you'll immediately see the massive value.

Go now, while you still can. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of those tools that every eCom marketer must have in their arsenal.

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