So tomorrow morning at 11am EST a software called VIDGEOS is coming out.

And I wanted to be one of the first to let you know my honest thoughts on this software!

So what is it?

Vidgeos is a web based video creation and marketing application which can do some pretty crazy-cool things.

What can it do?

It has so many features but here’s a quick look at some of them:

[+] Pro video animations (One click)
[+] Voiceover recording
[+] Automatic text translations
[+] In-stream email sign up forms
[+] In-stream CTA buttons
[+] Live countdown timers
[+] Smart Elements (Time, Date, City, Country)
[+] Icon Library
[+] Amazon S3 Integration
[+] Built-in video player
[+] Youzign integration
[+] Drag & drop interface
[+] Audio editor
[+] Add shapes, icons & images
[+] And MUCH more!

Forget about the incredible features, this is your marketing ticket to HIGH conversions and more sales in 2016!


You can set your video to instantly detect and translate the text in the video to the language of the viewer.

So if some one watches your video in china, the video will be shown in chinese text! This literally opens you up to BILLIONS of other people as to my surprise.

Only 335 million people out of 7 BILLION actually are native english speakers. Meaning until now you have only been able to market to a small segment of the world!

Vidgeos takes care of that.

Alongside the cool text translation feature, you can also creative custom videos with super cool animations and even SMART elements which can display the viewers Time, Date, City, Country to instantly capture their attention and draw them into your marketing message!

Is it really all that good though?

Check out my honest Vidgeos review & get special bonus now!