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What is Screensavers.com?
Screensavers.com is the #1 website for free, safe, and easy to download screensavers and desktop wallpaper. We feature the best selection of high quality and professionally designed content, including many screensavers and wallpaper that are exclusively available at our site.

Screensavers.com is the only free screensaver and wallpaper site that provides the CleanScreen Experience™:

* No Viruses
* No Spyware
* No Worries

Screensavers.com is a free service of Screensavers—a cool little software company in NYC that is dedicated to making fun and useful consumer software products.

Are the screensavers and wallpaper really free?
Yes. The screensavers and wallpaper on Screensavers.com are absolutely free to download and use.

We provide free screensavers and wallpaper as a way to help promote other software products from Screensavers. Just like Wal-Mart might give away CDs or T-shirts to folks visiting their store, we give away screensavers and wallpaper to introduce people to our company and great software products.

When you download a screensaver or wallpaper from Screensavers.com, you might see a promotion for one of Screensavers's award-winning software products, like our AdZapper pop-up ad killer, our Privacy Manager that helps you surf the web privately, or our Screensavers Toolbar that gives you one-click access to the web's best search engines. You are never under any obligation to try these products.

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Free Animated Summer Screensavers Themes & Desktop Wallpaper

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