Dear Members,
We would like to introduce a new software for e-gold and Liberty Reserve account members:
Click link below to download:
+ Flash E-gold is designed to make the day-to-day use of e-gold and e-Bullion and Liberty Reserve accounts hassle free. It enables the user to manage all accounts within a dedicated software, including payments.
_E-gold, Liberty Reserve and e-Bullion enabled
_Manage multiple accounts
_Notification of new payments
_Browsing of transaction history
_Payment to another account
_Mass payment
We hope you find it useful.
The price for this product is $49.95 ( You are able to use full features for the registried version)
Your trial period is 30 days
If you would like to use the full version, please spend money to our accounts ( U7880101 ) and then send us an e-mail ( [email protected] ). We will send the license key to your e-mail within 24 hours
Thank you for your attention.
Kind Regards
Customer Support