Professional Embroidery Software
Accurate Embroidery Software v4.0
Aps Ethos v6.0 (All Modular)
ApS Ethos v7.0 (All Modular) "NEW"
Barudan Punchant v6.0 Z (Pro)
Barudan Punchant v7.0 F (Pro)
Barudan TES v2.0 April 2004 Release (Creator Pro)
Barudan TES v3.01 (Pro Elite) "NEW"
Bits & Volts v7.11 (DC II+DL)
Bits & Volts v8.20 (DC-III + DL2) "NEW"
Compucon EOS v2.0 (Creator Pro)
Compucon EOS v3.01 (Pro Elite) "NEW"
DataStitch Stitch 2000 Pro "2004 Release" (Data - Master Plus)
DataStitch Stitch Vista 2007 Ver 1.97v1
GIS Basepac `21 v4.05 (All Modular)
GIS Basepac `21 v5.01 (All Modular)
GMI Stilista 2000 v2.0
GMI Stilista 2000 v2.0 Rev 1890 "NEW"
Gunold WINgs v3.0 (Commander III)
Gunold WINgs 2000 v4.0 (Commander III)
iPunch v8.5 "NEW"
Melco EDS IV Extreme v2.0 (Summit)
Melco DesignShop 2005 (With Amaya) v6.08 (Pro+)
Melco DesignShop 2006 (With Amaya) v7.0 (Pro+) "NEW"
Melco DesignShop 2007 (With Amaya) v7.04 (Pro+) "NEW"
Pantograms Designer "Pro Line" v7.6.13 (Level 4) "NEW"
Proel Millennium III v2.90 (Punch Advanced Full Option)
Proel MIllennium III v3.50 (Punch Advanced Full Option)
Proel MIllennium III v4.20 (Punch Advanced Full Option) "NEW"
Proel MIllennium III v4.20 (Punch Professional Full Option) "NEW"
ProArt/ProLace v2.1
ProPunch v8.3.9.20
Pulse Signature 2000 v9.1 Rev Q (Maestro)
Pulse Signature v10.3 2467 (Maestro)
Pulse Signature v11.1 2980 (Maestro)
Pulse Signature v12.1.3564 (Maestro) "NEW"
Rainbow Embroidery Software v5.98F
Rainbow Embroidery Software v5.99G
RichPeace EmbDesign 2000 Pro v4.20
Saurer EmStudio v1.5
Saurer EmStudio v2.1 "NEW"
Sierra Embroidery Office Suite v6.75 + 95 Fonts (Design III)
Sierra Embroidery Office Suite v7.50 + 95 Fonts (Design III) "NEW"
SLP 2000 - 2001 Edition
SofTeam Punto v5.05 (Designer)
SofTeam Punto XP-X v6.02 (Designer)
SofTEam Punto Ver 7.0 (Designer) "NEW"
Tajima DG/ML v6.0TTajima DG/ML v7.0F (Level 5)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Rev Q (Maestro)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "X" v10.3 2467 (Maestro)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse Edition "Xi" v11.1 2988 (Maestro)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse X2 v12.0.4.3330 (Maestro)
Tajima DG/ML by Pulse X2 v12.1.4.3564 (Maestro) "NEW"
Vee Pro v8.4
Wilcom v6.1D (ES-65)
Wilcom v7.1F (ES-65)
Wilcom v8.0N (ES-65)
Wilcom v9.0R (ES-65)
Wilcom 2006 with SP2 (ES-65) "NEW"
WINgs eXPerience v1.50 (Pro)
ZSK EPCWin v1.10
ZSK EPCWin v2.50 (All Modular)
ZSK EPCWin v3.50

Sewing & Home Embroidery Software
AmazingDesigns Pack:
- Click N Stitch Xtra v3.2.5.75
- Embroidery Links v3.2.6.19
- Fast Fills v3.2.5.24
- Lettering Pro v3.2.4.18
- Magnificent Monograms v3.2.5.56
- Size Express v3.2.5.28
- Smart Sizer Platinum v3.2.6.11
Autodigitizing v4.0
Babylock Designer`s Gallery MasterWorks v1.10 "NEW"
Babylock Palette v5.6
Bernina Artista v3.0 (Designer Plus)
Bernina Artista v4.0 (Designer Plus)
Brother Embroidery Software BES-100E v2.14
Brother PE-DESIGN v5.6
Brother PE-DESIGN v6.0
Brother PE-DESIGN v7.0
Buzz Tools Pack (Buzz Tools Plus, Buzz Edit, Buzz Xplore)
Corel DRAWings 2 PRO v2.12 (For CorelDraw 12)
Corel DRAWings X3 PRO v2.13 (For CorelDraw X3) "NEW"
Embird Plus v8.0 (Incl:Iconizer,Sfumato 2.02,Thred 1.04,21 Alphabets,Digitizing Studio)
Embird 2006 Suite (With All Plugin) "NEW"
Generations Embroidery Software v1.3 Build 772
Generations Embroidery Software v1.52 Build 1825 "NEW"
Husqvarna VIP Pro Plus v6.2 (Complete System)
Husqvarna 3D Embroidery v7.25 (Pro) "NEW"
Janome Digitizing 10000 v1.0 + SP1
Janome Digitizing 10000 v2.0F "NEW"
OESD Exploration v1.1D "NEW"
Origins Embroidery Software Build 9666
Origins Embroidery Software Build 10159 "NEW"
PFAFF Creative Suite v6.2
PFAFF Creative 3D Suite v7.25 "NEW"
Singer Professional Sew-Ware v2.0
ZSK Magic Stitch II v1.2

Designs Collection CD
Panto Stock 2000 Deluxe (4.000+ HQ Designs)
Compucon Anthology 2 (4.700+ HQ Designs DST)
Great Notions Design Collection 2005 (22.000+ Designs)
Great Notions Design Collection 2006 (24.000+ Designs)
Great Notions Design Collection 2007 (26.000+ Designs)
OESD Design Collection 2006 + Catalog CD (22.000+ Designs)
OESD Design Collection 2007 (28.000+)
Amazing Designs Complete Collection 2005 (15.000+ Design)
Cactus Punch 2005 Design Collection (8.000+ Design)
Disney 4000 Design Collection
European Embroidery Designs Collection (+10.000 Design)
Husqvarna Embroidery Design Collection (+16.000 Design)
Dakota Collectibles 2005 + Catalog CD (26.000+ Designs)
Dakota Collectibles 2006 + Catalog CD (28.000+ Designs)
Dakota Collectibles 2007 + Catalog CD (30.000+ Designs)
Digitape Designs 2000 (7.000+ Designs)
Singer Embroidery Stock Designs (5.000+ Design)

Knit Software
Designa Knit Pro v7.12.09
Doku GmbH ProKnit v3.3
Doku GmbH ProKnit v3.7
Logica GraficaW95 v09.01
Logica Mec-Mor WinmeCad v05.07
Lonati Dinema Galois for Graphitron 5 v4.1
Lonati GraphiTron 6 Diggraph3 v5.3
Orchida Knitting System Ver 2.3 Build 2206
Protti IKS v3.4
Protti IKS v3.5
Protti IKS v3.6 "NEW"
Protti PV Software v5.2
Protti PV Software v5.3 "NEW"
ShimaSeiki SDS One A45
ShimaSeiki SDS One A51 "NEW"
ShimaSeiki SDS-One A52 (Full Modular) "NEW"
( Draw, Embroidery, Knit Paint, Paint, PGM )
Stoll M1 v3.7
Stoll M1 v3.12
Stoll M1 v3.14 "NEW"
Stoll S1 v3.7
Stoll S1 v3.12 "NEW"
TexCad v3.4 "NEW"
Universal MA-8000 v3.33
Universal Uni-One Rel 002.006
Carpet, Weaver, Jacquard & Tuff
AutoTex 2000 v5.4
EAT DesignScope Raschel v3.03
EAT DesignScope Victor v3.0.4
EAT DesignScope Victor v4.0.4 "NEW"
Informatica Textil Atrezzo 3D v2.2 "NEW"
Informatica Textil Penelope Jacquard Dobby Terry v9.0 "NEW"
JD&N Label Design v1.70
NedGraphics ColorTec Interface Ver 4.1
NedGraphics Digital Print v1.0
NedGraphics Fashion Studio v5.1
NedGraphics Fashion Studio v6.0.34
NedGraphics Fashion Studio v7.0.15 "NEW"
NedGraphics Carpet v3.0.06
NedGraphics Design Workshop v2.0
NedGraphics Dobby and Dobby PRO v6.12
NedGraphics Easy Map Viewer v6.1.02
NedGraphics Easy Map Creator Pro v6.0.05
NedGraphics Easy Step Ver 1.08
NedGraphics Jacquard Ver 8.2
NedGraphics Jacquard Ver 9.0
NedGraphics Layer Master Ver 7.0
NedGraphics Layer Master Ver 7.5
NedGraphics Layer Master Ver 8.0
NedGraphics Print Studio Suite v6.0
NedGraphics Print Studio Suite v7.0
NedGraphics Print Studio Suite v8.0 "NEW"
NedGraphics Simulating Printed Fabrics True Colors Ver 7.0
NedGraphics Simulating Printed Fabrics True Colors Ver 7.5
NedGraphics Simulating Printed Fabrics True Colors Ver 8.0
NedGraphics Texcelle v4.11
NedGraphics Texcelle TexFlash 2007 v5.0.2.4
NedGraphics TexFlash v4.0
NedGraphics Tonal Tracing Ver 7.0
NedGraphics Tonal Tracing Ver 7.5
NedGraphics Tonal Tracing Ver 8.0
Nedgraphics Tuft v1.1
NedGraphics Weaver v8.1.3
Penelope Jacquard v9.0
Pointcarre v3.0.56 "NEW"
Wilcom-Tecos Mira v4.2

"NEW" Macintosh (Mac OS) Software Embroidery & SignMaking
SignMaking Software for Mac OS
SofTeam MacSign XP-X Ver 7.22 (MacSign) "NEW"
SofTeam MacSign Ver 8.0 (MacSign) "NEW"
ScanvecAmiable FlexiSign Ver 7.7v2 (PRO) "NEW"
ScanvecAmiable PhotoPrint Ver 5.0v2 (Server Pro) "NEW"
Embroidery Software for Mac OS
SofTeam Punto XP-X Ver 6.1 (Designer) "NEW"
SofTeam Punto Ver 7.0 (Designer) "NEW"

Note :
All software listed above is the Latest Version.
Any request or question such as Previous Version or any Software that not included in my list, please don't be hasitate to contact me.
email :
- [email protected]
- [email protected]