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    Default RWA Money Making Team Build

    Welcome to R-W-A Team Build

    You are not Alone!

    We Give You Unlimited Paid Signups!

    What We Have To Offer Is Totally Unique! We All Work Together As Different Teams To Create Financial Freedom For All Members .

    Once You Join Us You Are Placed In A Team With 11 Other Members And You Can Start Getting Signups Right Away!
    No Waiting Around For Months Before You Start Building Your Business.

    Now this is how our Team works and why it is so effective no matter
    if you joined at the beginning or come in the Team later,
    It really does not matter when you join us you will get signups very quickly with our system!

    How it Works:

    Every time 12 new members join a new Team is created.
    We only have a maximum of 12 people per Team (List), so this means for every
    12 members your team refers you are Guaranteed a personal signup.

    All 12 team members promote their own Team splash page.
    When someone joins under the splash page they will Join AIOP
    under the next person inline for a signup on that Team!

    Now That Is Very SIMPLE!
    And Yes It Works Very Effectively
    You Will Never Be Left Alone In The Dark!

    Our Main Member Area:

    -You Will Be Able To Keep Informed About What Is Going On!
    -See Who Is Next Inline For A Signup
    -See Who Is On Your Team
    -See How Many sign ups each person has received

    What is The Cost? The Team Build is FREE!

    AIOP cost is $11.50 a Month ( get your first referral and break even)

    AIOP excepts Alertpay or Solid trust Pay
    (both free are to join)

    Why ALL In One Profits (AIOP)?

    e chose All In One Profits (AIOP) as our primary business for many reasons.

    They offer so many marketing tools for you to build your home based business with.

    They offer link trackers, link rotators, website hosting, autoresponders this is just to mention a few!

    No matter if you are new or experience to network marketing you really do need AIOP.

    They also offer one of the best pay plan in the Multilevel business industry.

    What do You Have to Do?

    he Only RequirementTo Keep Getting Signups Is To

    Send 250 hits a Week To Your Team Link That We Will send to You.
    (No Auto-surfs please)

    If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To email me at [email protected]

    You have been referred to us by Team #3

    After you sign up and upgrade You will need to email me your
    1. full name 2 . Username 3. Sponsor's name

    Then I will send you your team link to promote, the link to the members area and you will be added to the team build

    To Sign up for R-W-A Team Build or to find out more about AIOP

    go Here:==> R-W-A Team Build Sign up

    please allow up to 24 hours for me to get back to you with your info,

    Welcome to R-W-A Team Build!

    thank you,

    Carol Rivet
    [email protected]

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    Welcome Madhu to our team congrats Team 1 let keep it rolling

    I just assigned 3,000 credits to go out to all 4 team pages.. actually I will lower the amount that team 1 gets because they just got a sign up..

    Lets go RWA Team

    Lets have the next person sign up here

    AIOP is paying many RWA members including myself have been paid.. Plus AIOP has a great auto-responder and now they have added the splash page creator..

    who ever signs up with the link above ,the team 2 link will also get a free gift

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    Welcome to Our Team Adhar We now have about 30 people on our team build

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