HYIP and autosurf solutions # Fully automatic hyip monitor script : $80 ( contains : banner management , text ad , automatic listing , etc ) # Decoded Secure version of Gold Coders Hyip manager script ( this is not the standerd gc script , we have removed all backdoors and it has sql injection protection, etc ) why should i use this ? because the standerd gc script ( zended ) contains backdoors ( even the original gc script got a " send string in it. it will send your Admin pass to Goldcoders ) # Total HYIP Solution : this package contains hosting , domain , hyip script , templates , etc ( we call it a ready to run hyip package ) we are taking $150 for this package # HYIP forum setup & designing # we can build you a " NO Script" (HYIP hyip without any scripts) for $100 ( yes! you will get a domain+hosting for free ) Advantages : more security , based on e-gold sci , light weight interface , free template # here is the solution for those who got fed up with gc. you can use AJ HYIP SCRIPT if you donít like GC. we are selling it for $80. ( visit AJ Square Inc - Global leader in IT | Software | Creative Solutions | Web Consulting | ) # Banner and template integration service An attractive template can pump you more investors. we can make your banner and templates for a small price. # Script modification service Do you want to add extra options to your hyip site ? ( eg:- java clock , world map . visitor tracking , ip mod , image verification , etc ) we can do it for you :) # Autosurf Script: we have a collection of e-gold based autosurf scripts with addons. # Spamming services we offer spamming services for hyip and auto surf admins , some people call it a bad thing , dont belive them. spamming in to a targeted hyip investor mail list can bring you more investors. What else we need ? there are so many people out there who donít even know what is a hyip forum. we should target on them. # Thread bumping service ( Cheerleading ) Admins! do you think that you can survie alone without any cheerleading. your thread will be buried if you dont have any cheerleades to support you. we can cheerlead your hyip from multiple accounts for a small fee. ( we are using our own private tunnel to do this task ) Thread bumping can keep your thread active and it can bring you investments. you cant do a hyip all alone. you need someone like us to support you. # E-gold exchange script ( this is the ideal solution for those who willing to start a currecny exchange biz ) no! we are not talking about the gc exchange script. thats a crap. our version is better than gc because its fully decoded and easy to use. ( we have an english version and an indonesian version of it ) # Ok! now here is our junk stuffs E-gold games , matrix script , doublers , etc ( we can give them all for a small price ) # Custom solution So you are a big dude and you donít want to look like others. ok! we have the solution for you. a custom script can make your hyip unique. we can make you a custom hyip within 5 to 8 days. Talk to us yahoo/msn messenger id: [email protected]