I am a certified lender as well as an angel investor certified under universal Laws to give loans for personal development and to set up private business. My business name is Inter Biu Credit Union with company registration number 02932902. I have been in this business in a form of angel lending and i have good mind towards the needy not to steal from them.

This loan is reaching you from the Inter Biu Credit Union (Common Wealth Incorporated)

In my loan program, the interest rates are low but on short term repayments. Interest required for the loan is 3% for a duration not more than 60 months but it can be less.

The minimum duration for this loan is 12 months which is 1 years. For these 12 months, the borrower is expected to make installments of the loan which makes it even easier in paying back. Email; [email protected]

I await your response as soon as possible. For any questions, feel free to ask me.

Warm Regards