Hello Everyone,

FINALLY! Financial freedom $10 at a time!

A company that promotes success for EVERYONE, and built to MAKE A

As I said earlier, this is step one before I share with you the
biggest discovery I have ever made in Internet marketing. So why
would this little $10 program be "first"? Because it puts an end
to "I can't afford it"! If someone tells you that when they look
at this, they are simply not willing to do anything that could
make a difference in their own life. The next reason is because
this company has an option for your $10 to go to charity each
month and I see many people taking advantage of that. Last
reason - SIMPLICITY!!!

Look... I am not saying you or me either will retire on this,
but with less than 3000 reps involved, timing alone is right
here. If I show you how to earn $12 a month, and your paying
$10 out... Are you going to quit? NO - and no one else is
either! This is a simple take it or leave it proposition that
will only grow over time. Just join and commit to one year with
me here and let's see what it's worth.

I did this program to pitch it to the people that say "no" to
other programs I am working, but now I see people successful that
have NEVER been successful in MLM before! This program is a
stepping stone that can help all of us.

***Introducing KiSS IDENTITY!***

KiSS Identity™ is an internet-based, viral marketing company with
a twist that will help you create an income stream:

WITHOUT attending meetings, conference calls or trainings

WITHOUT having scientific knowledge of products

WITHOUT buying an expensive starter pack or paying enrollment

WITHOUT committing to purchasing hundreds of dollars of product
every month

WITHOUT having to figure out how to get paid, or qualifying for

WITHOUT spending hours and hours recruiting,training and
"motivating" others

Why we joined KiSS Identity™ :

1. The company entered Pre-Launch October the 10th and there are
less than 3000 reps involved at this point.

2. 3x9 Company wide forced matrix.

When members above you enroll more than 3 other members, all
additional members beyond the first 3 spill over into empty spots
downline. This is a wonderful feature which allows growth both
from above and from below. So the combination of your efforts,
those below you, and those above you, are all working to build
your downline for you. And, since this has to be the easiest
program for recruiting new members, many will exceed 3 members,
resulting in significant spillover. Therefore, I believe we can
expect to see a lot of activity, both from our upline and from
our downline.

1. It is AFFORDABLE…$10 for the first and every monthly order.
(no expensive starter packs or up front enrollment fees)

In our present economy, virtually everyone needs additional
money. KiSS Identity™ is an affordable option to generate income,
based on a minimum $10.00 per month purchase requirement while
building a *****… together.

2. No games in the COMPENSATION PLAN…it is simple and rewarding

There are no qualification requirements beyond the $10.00 per
month to qualify to be paid on all the people in your
organization through 9 levels. You will be paid $4 fast start
bonus and $1 each month for everyone you personally sponsor. 50
cents for each additional person that is recruited by your team
members within your 3x9 matrix.

3. PRODUCTS that are fun and useful which don't need to be
defended or explained.

Most network marketing companies and distributors have to
exaggerate, falsify, embellish or just make up stories to sell
their products. And even if the claims are true…you have to be
able to understand and explain them. KiSS Identity™ makes
marketing fun with unique, yet everyday consumable products!

4. The MARKETING is done with the latest technology. The goal:

Video links can be emailed to your contact list. The website will
have simple, self-directed training videos. Viral Marketing on
the internet generates interest and is proven to work. Plus save
time because recruiting, training and motivating your people can
be done by the videos and the website. Your success will depend
on the level of effort you put forth in sharing and using the
available tools.

5. It PAYS to be involved.

The sooner you start the sooner you get rewarded. The earlier you
join the higher up you are in the matrix. That means you have a
better chance of participating in the entire growth of the
company!!! The company entered Pre-Launch October 10th and there
are fewer than 3000 distributors currently with the company and
we are in Pre-launch. Potential to earn over $14,000 per income
center. Even though the cost is low and the income per person
seems small, the potential is still significant. What makes this
feasible is not necessarily a high payout for each member.
Rather, it's the fact that the program is designed for
significant growth, without which any MLM will fail.Get your
spot now and secure your financial independence!

6. The business PHILOSOPHY.

We will be cooperating in the development of a KiSS Identity™
***** Name. Kiss Identity Club is committed to use modern
technology to accelerate word of mouth marketing. The 2 things
that stop people from joining, cause people to quit or fail have
been removed. (Time & Money)

To enroll, simply click on the KiSS identity link below. Notice
that I will be your "enroller" but your "sponsor" will be another
member of my team below me. Remember, the sooner you join, the
more people and the faster I will be placing people on your team.


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