Revenue sharing module is the foremost earning method in OrganicProfitAds and also it is the most popular method of earning among investors since it is a very easy method to earn a passive income without putting any extra hard-work other than a minute activity as surfing just 10 ads in automated mode after buying your desired quantity of Ad Packs at the rate of just $10 per Ad Pack.

OPA has no maximum limit for you guys to buy ad packs. OPA offers you if a Standard Member 110% and for upgraded members up to 125% of ROI.

US Registered Company

Earn by buying ad pack and clicking ads
Ad pack cost 10$
Pay per click 0.001$

Unlimited referrals
As standard member, you can earn from your referral without buying ad pack
And by traffic exchange click
Pay per click 0.001
Ads are on auto surf

Standard member:
1st Min payout 2$ then each payout increase by 2$
Points per new referral 10
Earn from referral traffic exchange click 0.0005$

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