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Cloud System Matrix, working with twenty triple matrices, where the top ten consists of passive matrix, and the second ten of the most active.

This was done in order to active the participants had a chance to build a structure in the active matrix and passive matrix filled with a shared queue, but it does not mean that the passive matrix will stand like a dead weight, since this was implemented aid of active participants.

In other words, each closed down in the matrix of active participants, almost all of the additional places to go in the passive matrix, helping to close them and earn income.

To see how this works, you can, examining the scheme of the passive and active matrix.


Passive matrix triple
The name speaks for itself - the invitations are not necessary. To move from one matrix to another must all three. All matrices are filled in a queue, top to bottom, left to right, and in the formulation of the matrix is ***8203;***8203;determined by the time of payment, and no registration, this means as soon as you have paid in the matrix, you automatically become the last-paying part a party.

Passive matrix in the ten and all ten matrices are interrelated, that is, if you bought a place in the matrix of cost $ 18, then after a while you get to the last tenth of the matrix, with access to a $ 21,000 reward (minus the purchase of additional seats)
The scheme of work and the distribution of profits in ten passive matrices

Active matrix triple
These matrices have been developed specifically for an energetic and motivated participants who are not willing to wait. Work in these matrices will be more profitable and interesting to participants with their bodies and those who can invite.

Active matrix, as well as passive - ten and they work almost in the same way as the passive, but the only difference - is a mandatory qualification three personal partner. Filling in your matrix is ***8203;***8203;not only personal partners, but also overflowing from upline.
Please note that almost all of the additional seats that are formed in the active participants of the closed matrix, come to the aid of a passive matrix, closing them and generating income as passive and active participants.
The scheme of work and the distribution of profits in the ten active matrix


$ 18
But if you do not want to acquire a place in the matrix and pass each of them one by one, you can buy a place in the matrix of the cost is higher because there is no limit to it.


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