What is the strangest trend in Nigeria?

You're born.

Your parents (& society) raise you.

You go to school & church.

Some of us do exceptionally well at school.

All we get for that is applause from our schools, peers, family & immediate society.

We have no Research & Development agencies to utilize those exceptional academic talents.

Maybe…just maybe you get lucky to be hired by some big organization where your talent is reduced to company revenues.

Oh! He works with Shell or Standard IBTC bank!

But you don't actually create anything. You'd be lucky if you're allowed to still think outside the box or flex your intellectual muscles.

We have no one seeking for those talents to utilize for some greater good of the country.

But we have people hunting for beauty & power.

Then what happens?

We tell them to get married!

We tell everyone to just strive to provide for their (future) families!

**** the society! Just get married!

Father & aunt are dying of cancer. The potential for cancer cure is in you but all everyone worries about is marrying you off. They just don't know any better.

The entire society, both the young & old haunts/scorns your very existence until you get married.

In all our lives, we're taught our duties to our parents, elders, priests/pastors, church/God but none about our society/country.

I've never seen any sane society which only admires intellectual talent like it's a tolerable pet but does nothing with it.

Nigeria does it, every day!!

When those gifted Nigerians become frustrated with the system & walk out, we open our borders wide & help them leave.

Then ready our mouths to claim them,

“Chiwetel Ejiofor, Chimamanda Adichie, Sade, Asa, Nas etc. are Nigerians”

How we love finished products?!

Just like we consume the Gucci & Fendi……

Don't we just love not putting in the work but getting all the benefits?


It is the strangest trend in Nigeria.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-st...end-in-Nigeria

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