I decided to post one post here, because many were asking the same question over and over again.

There are many other sites popingup just today with new forums. Are they protecting the pips integrity like we do here at Rolclub.com??????

Check www.talkgold.com and you all might be amazed.
Trolls get all their post deleted here anyway. So even no point in posting for them. We cant se any reason this site will lead to pips going under, when we dont allow any bad stuff about pips here. Its that simple.

As i understand. Trolls didnt just show up today. They came long time ago. Pips had the forum all the time, and without a normal time span closes the forum.

We just offer a place for all pisters to chat and talk! No one will post no more here about reconsidering to remove this forum. As we do offer a meteing place, and not a way in how the trolls will ruine pips.

As a matter of fact, we think this site will benefit you all. E.g
WT/WD--> diffrent infos posted all the time. Who will know, when and what happend if we dont have such a site, unless you think i wrote this because i did not know that pips is coming up with a news email, THINK AGAIN why!!!!!!!!!!

We just wanna keep a track.