Wizziweb is the provider of Betasurf and MAX HYIP which claims to

"provide highly customized web programming solutions, website design, logo design, flash design of supreme quality at affordable rates from Maryland"

Which is unlikely and doubtfully not true, cant even organize their software and have no updates at all. One man team.

"Our clients across the world are assured of aesthetic and original designs, fast turn around and prompt customer support"
With our experience, Charles Owivri (the owner) does not even bother replying on your messages even if he is online, more or less does not care. He will just ignore you saying that "Why do i have to work if I dont get paid" yeah we understand that but the problem is that why doesn't he want to market his service? we were trying to buy his script (in behalf of a client) and we just ask for him to prepare the language for us because that is included as a feature of his script, he agreed but then after how many days of waiting he just say he wouldn't work unless he is paid, what an excuse :) He has the control over the license if we fail to pay him then he could just block the license on a snap. Simple, right?

But he keep on saying to pay him but our client which is so worried do not want to pay unless he sees something. So just to fix this problem and not waste another time which he should told me earlier that he cant do it because of a good reason then we should have done it, We should have not waited for that long. Then we ask him and almost beg to let us know how we do it so we could do the translation because we do not want our client to be disappointed on our service. But then he refuses and does not bother letting us know. So we do it ourselves, his script is encrypted and we have limited resources but then we was able to make it after a day and several hours because of his arrogance we almost fail to submit it on time to our client.

Then after awhile when our client see that the site is completed and the language is there, he was happy and paid us. So i have to message charles owivri now, the owner of WackyWeb i mean wizzyweb that i am going to pay the script now, thanks to him it took awhile and we almost didnt get paid :)

Now because we want to at least do his part (as he should) we forwarded to him the minor problem that our client faces well its just a browser compatibility issue nothing serious would just take 1 or 2 hours thats all, we want him to at least show us that he is reliable and serious about giving us a support and it turns out that after payment he just said to us "No i wouldn't do that, i don't work like that" lol thats great. After he receives the payment he does not want to do his part. What a support.

You can not even reach him on his phone number always have to go through a voice mail box, what a poor service.

It was a bad idea workin with charles owivri very incompetent.

I do not even know if his script is secured that he claims because most of the pages even if its just a typical page that should have help us customizing it, is also encrypted something hidden in it? hope no backdoors, its not new today. Just hoping that there is no magic tricks on your script owivri.

Now to all you people looking for a reliable and secured script with great support do not be tempted with Wizziweb, far and worst support, no updates on softwares, no news, not active via phone, does not answer yahoo messages, can not provide any help, worst and poor provider.

Im not flaming and pointing finger here, Wizziweb is not our client nor his client we were partners. We do the service and we market his softwares. frankly we have better programmer than charles is just that he already have an established script so why bother doing and writing our own when we could partner and market his established script. So really i just want to warn others to keep their asses away from this guy.

Find a reliable programmer and add wizziweb to your blacklist they are the one who can not help you when you need it the most.

I feel sorry about his clients, or does he even have? if we weren't marketing his software?

For you charles good luck in the future. Keep in mind that even if you serve dishonest admins, or fuzzy clients, you still have to give what they want because you have full control in it, of course you have to limit it but then as much as possible help and give support to your clients, dont just be there because of the money yes we deserve to be paid but our CLIENTS DESERVE SUPPORT TOO and that is what providers do, if you do not know that then do not bother selling or offer any product.

original source: Wizziweb.net Incompetence