I found new autosurf program: Digitalgoldsurf
t DigitalGoldSurf you are paid to view advertiser's websites. In order to earn, you have to participate as an upgraded Member. Minimum membership participation is US$3.00 and the maximum is USD300.00.*Once You are a member of the DigitalGoldSurf, you can purchase Ad-Pack units . Each Ad-Pack unit you buy gives you 10 Advertising Credits you can use to advertise to all DigitalGoldSurf members. Also each Ad-Pack unit pays you back 8% daily rebate when you view 16 of our advertisers ads for 16 days.
Pays 8% daily for 16 days, must surf 16 pages daily to earn.
Minimum upgrade - $3
Minimum cashout $1
They accept LR, PM, SP, AP

Learn more: http://www.digitalgoldsurf.com/?ref=17