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SPEND $5.00 TO ADVERTISE, GET $10.00 BACK! *plus any earnings*

Hours Of Operation
Site is only open for surf earning ONE DAY ONLY (27 hours total)
Sunday at 9:00 Pm E.S.T until Monday at 12:00 midnight E.S.T.
You can log into your account, buy credits, change your profile, upgrade your account, add your advertising, add credits to your links, banners etc. You can refer new members to the site and earn the referral cash, everything on the site is operational everyday 24/7 except for the surf pages for earning.


This will create one hot gathering spot for members as well as advertisers! You can even chat with other surfers while you are surfing! Get to know your fellow members! All members will know, that this site pays cash! But you must be here on the only day the site is open to earn! This will allow advertisers to know where to go if they want something seen! Everyone will know that the place to be on Mondays is right here! Surfoneday!

Account Questions:

How much does it cost to join this site?
Joining the site costs you $0 - However to earn cash from surfing you must become an upgraded member! You must be willing to advertise yourself, to earn from the other advertisers! Upgrading costs you just $5.00 (plus processor fees), but by using our site, you will get $10.00 back for upgrading plus, anything else you can earn at the time you are upgraded. **Please read further for details about upgrading** Even as a free member, you can earn .50 cents cash, per upgraded referral you bring to the site! So you can join the site for free, then refer enough people to the site to buy your upgrade, so in the end, joining is free, and even your upgrade can be earned for free! Then you will be paid the $10.00 for upgrading and paid any cash earned while you are upgraded!

Am I allowed to have more than one account?
We allow one account per individual. There may be more than one account per household, however each person registering an account must have a separate computer and separate ISP to participate in our program.

How can I log into my account?
Log in at http://www. surfoneday.com

How can I cancel my account?
Go to your user info page and at the bottom of the page you enter your user name and password, then click cancel.

How many emails will I receive from this site?
You will receive no more than three emails per day! This is not a "paid email site" however, if you stumble across a great site that you would like to tell your fellow members about, and it just can not wait until Monday when the site is open, there will be an option to send out an email to your fellow members. Members will earn 2 points (2 cents) for reading any emails sent out. Again, you will never receive more than three emails per day from this site.

How can I cancel receiving your emails?
Your membership in our program allows surfoneday.com and it's admin, and fellow members to send you email messages and advertisements or other site suggestions. You may not cancel receiving email ads from surfoneday.com without terminating your membership in our program and forfeiting any and all earnings. You can however, elect to have your emails and advertising go to your site inbox. Just log into the members area and click on profile to select "Site Inbox Only".

**Up front so you know--Admin will send out suggestions for other sites, I work the internet just like everyone else! So if I come across something that I would like to share with the members of Surfoneday (MY SITE), I will send it out! You are reading this now, before you signup! This will be counted as one of the three per day, so by joining my site you agree to get my emails. NO COMPLAINTS!

How can I change my personal information?
Log in to your account and click the "User Account Info." link. You will be able to edit any of your information except your name and member ID.

I live outside the US, can I join?
Yes, we welcome all international affiliates.

I have Web-TV, can I join too?
Yes, though some programs will not allow WEB-TV users to join their program, we welcome WEB-TV users. Our efficient tracking method allows WEB-TV users full earning privileges.

Earnings Questions:

How much do I earn by participating?

*Free and Upgraded members*

You earn 5 points (5 cents)per free referral
You earn 50 cents per upgraded referral
Everytime your referral upgrades, you will earn another 50 cents!
*Upgraded Members Only*

You earn 1/2 credit per 12 second page viewed in surf.
You earn 2 points per 30 second email read

1 credit = 1 Cent
1 point = 1 Cent

**Again, you must be upgraded to earn cash for viewing surf pages, and reading emails! You must be willing to take part in the site to earn from the site!**

Why points and credits and not cash?
The surf section and the redeem page for advertising, these scripts both allow you to trade in points and credits automatically to get advertising for yourself if you wish. They are the same as cash, but easier for you to add advertising at the site if you wish.

How does the site work and how can I request payment?
As soon as you upgrade your account, you are added to the bottom of the "upgraded list". While you are upgraded, you have access to the surf pages and other earnings on the site. Upgrades will last until you have earned double your money back from the upgraded list.

When another member upgrades their account, the person at the top of the upgraded list will receive $2.50 into their account. When this member receives a total of $10.00 from this list (4 new upgrades), You will get an email from admin that your upgrade has expired. You then have three choices you can make:

1)You can take the $10.00 (plus any earnings made) and request total payout and return to being a free member.

2)You can go to your redeem page and upgrade once again using your account cash and let your account ride. All cash remains in your account,(Minus the $5.00 to upgrade again) you are added to the upgraded list again (to earn another $10.00), you get your ad package again. (200 surf views, 5,000 Banner Impressions) and you still have access to all the earning pages on the site.

3)You can go to your redeem page and upgrade once again using your account cash, and request the difference as your payout. Ex: You have earned the $10.00 and You have earned another $1.25 | You can go to the redeem page, use your account cash to keep your upgrade active, then request a $6.25 payout. You are added to the upgraded list again (to earn another $10.00), you get your ad package again. (200 surf views, 5,000 Banner Impressions) and you still have access to all the earning pages on the site. **This would be the best way to remove cash earned and keep your upgraded status. This allows you to keep doubling your money over and over, get more advertising for yourself over and over, plus taking a steady payout from the site!**

**Free members that are earning just for referring can go to their redeem page and use cash earned to upgrade your accounts or request a payout at $5.00 or (500 points) by contacting admin. Just hit the contact button in your members area and send a request for payout.**

Upgrading only lasts until I earn $10.00?

Yes, think of it this way:
When you upgrade for just $5.00, you are purchasing advertising.

You get 200 hits in the surf section to a site of your choice.
You get a Banner Ad - 5,000 impressions

Now, when your username is added to the payment list, you will receive $10.00 back for advertising! 200% ROI! (return on investment) While your name is on this list, you can view surf ads and earn a 1/2 credit (1/2 cent) each ad looked at (Sunday night and Monday) or read emails to earn 2 points (2 cents) If and when emails go out. These are earnings on top of the $10.00 you will get back on your investment.

***MUST READ!!!!***

If you are added to the list, and the site has 100 upgrades in one week, you might never get to see a surf page! You might simply earn the $10 from the list and your upgrade ends. Still, no complaints! Right? You just earned 200% on your investment, plus ALL YOUR ADVERTISING WILL STILL BE RUNNING!

So what do you do? You come back for more! Why not upgrade again? This will always keep the site packed full of ads to earn from, new upgrades to keep the payments flowing, it's a win, win for all involved! You get low cost advertising, your making 200% ROI, your getting a good "per click" earnings for viewing ads from your fellow members! Not to mention cash for referring new members to the site!

Can I pay to upgrade more than once? Get on the list several times?
Yes! Each time you purchase an upgrade, you will get your name added to the upgraded list one more time, you will get the ad pack with each upgrade, and your upgrade will last until the last time your username is listed on the upgraded list has earned $10.00. **If you are at the top of the payment list, go ahead and upgrade once again. This will keep your account upgraded and keep you active on the earnings pages. Again, you can go to your redeem page and use account cash for your next upgrade! (Save on processor fees by using this method)

How can I request payment?
Once you have earned double your money back, you will receive an email from admin letting you know that your upgrade has expired. You need to pick one of the three choices above and email admin with your decision on payout.

So what do I do once I receive a full payout?
Remember, once you receive a full payout from the site, your upgrade is no longer valid and you will not have access to the earning pages, but you do remain as an active free member. You can come back at anytime and upgrade your account when ready!

Are the earnings on this site guaranteed?
Payments to the upgraded list will be made with each new upgrade. There can not be a guarantee on how many new members the site will get, or how many of them will upgrade, so there is no guarantee. However, I think the system that is set up will make the site very successful, and keep a constant flow of advertising to earn from, plus keep all members upgrading over and over!

Referral Questions:

How can I refer other affiliates?
You may place a link with your referral url to surfoneday.comon your web site. You may add your referral url to your email signature. You can give out flyers or advertise in any way you wish except for Spamming.

What is my referral link?
Your personal referral link can be found on your personal "Referral links" page.

What can I earn through referrals?
As a free or upgraded member
You will earn 5 points (5 cents) per referral to the site.
You will earn 50 points (50 points) per referral that pays to upgrade.

What happens if I am caught cheating or breaking the rules of the site?
Anyone caught cheating will have their account canceled! All earnings will be lost, all ads will be removed. Admin has the right to cancel any account at anytime for suspected cheating. If you have your account canceled for cheating, and you feel we were in the wrong, simply email us so we can get the matter straightened out.

Advertising Questions:

I have a web site I would like to advertise, where can I find information on your different programs and costs?
You can upgrade your account to get the upgraded ad pack, plus you earn $10.00 back. Or you if dont have time to become a member but still wish to advertise on the site you can visit our advertising section of the web site for complete details.

What types of advertising are allowed? ?
You can advertise anything you wish on this site except porn, hate, or racial material. All advertising must not redirect members out of the surf frame, or should it have more than one pop-up or pop-under. Pop-ups should not disturb members that are in the surf frame! Any ads that break the rules will be denied on request. Any ads found to break rules after they are already running will be deleted and no refund of cash or points will be given.

I have questions not answered on this FAQ page, what can I do?
Contact Us and supply as much information as possible so we can solve the problem in a timely manner.

For more information, visit

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