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    Default Clear, Strong And Powerful Evidences That Xerap's Admin Is The KING Of Kings Of SCAMMERS!

    Dear Fellow Investors, And Potential Investors,

    I come to you in the name of our common destiny and fate that unite us in the HYIP's industry as we are bound to face Fraud and Scam.

    Although what happened to me is in no way new in the HYIP's industry, but I'm here to inform about the manner in which I've been scammed by admin

    In fact, the most appropriate label that clearly, accurately and precisely identifies is: KING Of Kings Of SCAMMERS.

    Please find in the lines that follow the step by step sequences of events that lead to this SCRUPULOUS scam's activity.

    Sequences Of Events:

    1. On January 9, 2014 @ 10:48 am, I made a deposit of $10.00 through Payment Processor PM to my Xerap's account. The said deposit of $10.00 which was initially meant to "test the waters", unfortunately failed to register in my Xerap's account.
    Upon surprisingly, noticing that my Xerap's account hadn't been appropriately credited as expected, I quickly sent a support email to you to address the issue and to resolve it as soon as possible.

    2. On January 9, 2014 @ 1.11pm, I've received an email from you advising me that my account was credited with a Welcome Bonus of the amount of $3000.00

    3. On January 9, 2014 @ 1.16 pm, I've received within a 5 minutes interval, another email informing me of a Bonus Notification of the amount of $3010.00 which clearly stated that the said amount could be either withdrawn or re- deposited.

    4. On January 10, 2014 @ 9:52 pm, I requested a withdrawal of $3461.50, and received a generated email from Xerap's system confirming the withdrawal request I've just made

    5. On January 11, 2014 @ 3:39am, I received an email from you entitled:
    Message From Xerap Admin.

    The message in its substance and essence was directly related to the withdrawal request that I've just made a couple of hours ago and to reiterate the withdrawal request was of the exact amount of $3461.50.

    The purpose of that email was to inform me that there is a condition sine qua non, that has to be met or fulfilled in other to allow me to withdraw the requested amount of $3461.50. And the condition was to make a minimal deposit of the amount of $1050.00, prior to withdrawing the amount of $3461.50. Explanation to the change of the company's policy, mentioned that, this new measure was implemented as a result of fraudulent/scam activities from investors who got involved in self-referral activities for the purpose of abusing on cashing out huge welcome bonuses.

    Analysis Of The Events' Sequence Coupled With What I've Called The Zerap's Emails Series. ( Zerap1 to Zerap10 )

    I'll not endeavor in the following lines to describe each Zerap's email as that process would be both time consuming and ineffective for the objective at hand. Rather, I would summarize the essence or substance or fundamental of all 10 email series.
    1. Zerap1:
    Unity for Scam preventiom
    2. Zerap2:
    Call for Regional Representatives
    3. Zerap3:
    May God Bless You Abundantly
    4. Zerap4:
    Call for Undeniable Support
    5. Zerap5:
    Collaboration with investors/Open to suggestions
    6. Zerap6:
    New Sign Up/Welcome Bonus Request
    7. Zerap 7:
    May The Lord Guide You And Provide Your Needs This Coming Year
    8. Zerap8:
    VIP Plan 1000% After 10 Days
    9. Zerap9:
    Cash Gift As Welcome Bonus Of $1500.00
    10. Zerap10 & 11
    Incredible, Outrageous and Astronomical Interests Rates Realize During Trading centered around Oil, Gold and Binary Options which generate over 2000% profit in just a week time...

    When looked at closely under a "microscope", in this particular case, when the brain is subjected to high level of thinking, it becomes ABUNDANTLY clear that the common denominator of all 11 emails is injected with a spirit/intentions/motives of MASSIVELY SCAMMING PEOPLE by enticing them with huge bonuses which can only and only be withdrawn if they first deposit a minimum amount of $1050.00, pretending that such a measure, or new company's policy came to be implemented and became so drastic as a result of fraudulent/scam activities conducted by some unscrupulous investors.

    Nothing could be further from the truth as Xerap hasn't and could not possibly attract over 600,000.00 in a month or so.

    Nothing could be further from the truth as Zerap hasn't and couldn't generate in any trading activities the kind of astronomical returns
    of over 2000% in just a week time, mentioned in his email series. In fact, nothing is further from the truth that Zerap is even remotely involved in any trading activities whatsoever.....
    The truth being that runs a traditional Ponzi Scheme..

    Nothing could be further and further from the truth as Zerap hasn't and could not possibly give HUGE BONUSES OF $1500.00 to one single investor as a welcome bonus.

    Nothing could be further and further and still further from the truth that the company's policy has been changed as a result of welcome bonuses being abused by self-referrals conduct. and subsequently the new measure taken which demands an external deposit of $1050.00 has solely been a scam manipulation of Zerap's Admin, King Of Kings Of SCAMMERS, strategy employed by the KING Of Kings Of SCAMMERS to POWERFULLY STEAL INVESTORS MONEY WHILE PRETENDING TO ENGAGE IN A FIGHT AGAINST SCAMMERS WHO RIP PEOPLE OFF THEIR MONEY.


    This manipulation's tactic and strategy is called " APPLIED REVERSED PSYCHOLOGY" to meticulously and scrupulously mislead investors in investing LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY.


    This scrupulous intention equals action. I REPEAT THIS INTENTION EQUALS ACTION. He has scammed me as my $10.00 deposit has vanished in the midst of a seemingly $3000.00 Welcome Bonus.
    When he credited my account, he did credit along with a $3000.00 bonus, making a total deposit of $3010.00, but being that the entire deposit of $3010.00 cannot be withdrawn without a minimal external deposit of $1050.00, my deposit of $10.00 was held as a hostage who can't be delivered without a ransom of $1050.00.

    This is a form of scam never before experienced which has served to broaden the scope of the multi-facets of scam manipulations.

    I've been scammed by as neither myself nor my upline has benefited from the test spent investment of $10.00 which was supposed to generate a 10% commission to my upline whose marketing and advertising efforts to massively promote weren't compensated.

    And indeed the truth is that is in reality KING Of Kings Of SCAM as while to effectively and efficiently succeed in his scams and fraudulent activities, he has been ingenious in mixing my $10.00 deposit with a seemingly $3000.00 Welcome Bonus which can only be withdrawn by making an external deposit of $1050.00, he has failed in his fraudulent games to succeed in deleting Perfect Money's transaction record which loudly and accurately testifies of the $10.00 being made at a specific date and precise time to

    Additionally to worsen the issue, or to better put it, KING Of Kings Of SCAM, has failed to credit my upline's account of a 10% commission which translates to $1.00 based on the deposit amount of $10.00

    It is not a matter of $1.00 or $10.10 but rather a question of integrity and ethic.

    If steals $1.00, he can rob the entire universe if the opportunity knocks at his door.

    Conclusively, is an Unintelligent Super Scammer who doesn't deserve the PAYING status he is currently" wearing" because of his involvement in serious and profound fraudulent activities and scams.

    Xerap's Admin or rather to be précised KING Of Kings Of SCAM, is a Super Scammer Of The Highest Degree!

    Stay Clear And Save Your Hard Earned Money...

    I've asked all HYIPs' Monitors he is listed with to kindly proceed to verify the accuracy of the information both at and at Perfect Money by giving them my corresponding login details of both websites.

    This Scrupulous, Criminal, Horrific, Unethical, Dishonest, Intolerable, Inadmissible And inexcusable Action, Which Loudly Testifies That Admin Is A SCAMMER Of The Highest Degree And Magnitude And As Such Deserves To "Wear" A Status Different From A PAYING Status Which Does Reflect His Fraudulent Activities.

    Stay Clear Of Danger! I Warn You Folks!

    Don't Play With An Explosive "Product"!

    Stay Away I Insist!

    I was chocked, still chocked, very negatively surprised and tremendously disappointed.

    This is SCAM in its purest form!

    Beware of Xerap's admin as he is a Super, Super and Super SCAMMER. Don't you dare invest in there!

    Xerap's admin displays the sad attributes of the real and hard core criminals who solely care about themselves and money, thereby relegating others to a place of non-existence.

    No feelings whatsoever!

    Stay clear! Stay away from

    I hope this warning helps you protect your hard-earned money.


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    Now that i have read all of that, i have start believing myself that Xerap's admin is indeed the king of scammer's. There's enough evidence spread all out here.

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