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    Default Acanac Funds Investment -

    I'm not the admin :)

    Welcome to Acanac Funds Investment!

    The Acanac Funds Investment (a registered corporation) is a private investment group consisting of traders of precious metals. Our group of investors is diverse. We have a hand in every aspect of the trading of precious metals. In light of the global recession, precious metals are where we find our security "fleece" in the world of investments.

    The Acanac Funds Investment is in the business of trading precious metals. Our investment group has relationships from start to finish in the production of precious metals. Our team works with mines, refineries, and distributors of Gold, Silver, and Platinum to generate profits during a global recession.

    The global recession has sparked higher demands for Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Through the release of Acanac Funds we have opened the profitable world of precious metals investing to the average investor who doesn´t have a team in every avenue of the precious metals markets.

    Gain your security "fleece" through the Acanac Funds Investment.

    Investment plans

    1.0% Daily Interest
    1.2% Daily Interest
    1.5% Daily Interest

    Fund Duration: Your investment is held for 90 calendar days. You earn interest Monday through Friday. Principal is returned at the end of term. Interest paid daily. Payment will be sent out manually everyday

    Example Investment: $1000 Investment into Acanac Funds Investment for 90 calendar days

    12/08/2012 to 03/08/2013

    90 days of paying interest at 1.0% Monday through Friday

    Daily interest withdrawals for 90 calendar days

    Total paid out with principal return is $1900 - Monitoring Programs Since 2004
    Top 1 Investing Choice

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    I am in this programme with 15$

    Payment Mode Account
    Date 07/28/2012 22:49
    Batch 105046497
    From U3757958 (hyiphotlister)
    To U1869093 (Acanac Funds)
    Amount $15.00
    Memo Deposit to User
    best monitor service

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