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    Default 12forbusiness -

    Welcome to 12 For Business , New Generation Of Surf,

    12 For Business is a key to prosperity and financial stability.

    Don't miss this opportunity! It's very Important for you to know

    that we are real safe project and that we use our major strategy!

    We offer you the unique possibility to earn good profit in our


    12 For Business is a good profit for you, and stable business plan

    ! Earn 12% daily for 12 days so 144% ROI with a stable plan! Unit

    upgrades advertising cost only $3 and a maximum of $3,000, you can

    withdraw your money everyday with no minimum payout. Configuration

    and script are safe/secure.. We backup our database every 3 hours

    automaticly. We offer also a referral program : get 6% for every

    activity (Money or Credits)!
    12 For Business is a Autosurf Program, established by a team of

    spe******ts with huge working experience in the offline and online

    Marketing, Advertising and investments in various funds, which

    gives our members the opportunity of making a significant benefit

    on their investment. Principally we work in this domain, where we

    have been good experiance for 3 years. This program is a real good

    solution to Advertise and Make profit. After years of professional

    working we have joined our skills, knowledge and talents in the

    effort to bring a new reliable Marketing and Advertising.

    << Strong Security >> : Safe Script, Safe Payment, Backup of

    database every 3 Hours and Smart Anti DDOS. Satisfaction

    guaranteed !

    General Work of

    * NORMAL Plan Earn 12% daily for 12 days (144% ROI)
    * GOLD Plan Earn 12.5% daily for 12 days (150% ROI) From 20

    Actives Units or more
    * DIAMOND Plan Earn 13.5% daily for 12 days (162% ROI) From 35

    Actives Units or more
    * 6% Referral Bonus for Paid Members
    * $3 per units upgrade Max $3,000
    * Surf 12 pages to earn
    * No Mini. Payout, Extra Fast Payment!
    * Request Cashout everyday
    * We accept E-GOLD, soon LB
    * 32 Free Credits
    * Best Security and Anti DDOS
    * Support open 24/7!
    * Advertising Solution

    Welcome to 12 For Business Sign Up Now and Start

    General Advertising and Bonus of

    * Advertise Rotating banner 468x60 $1 daily
    * Advertise Non-Rotating banner 468x60 $2 daily
    * Site Credits $1 for every 1000
    * Advertise up to 4 sites
    * Bonus: Tombla Soon, For Paid Member get bonus everyday!
    * Bonus: JackPot Soon, For Paid Member get bonus everyday!
    * Bonus: Voting-Posting Soon, For Paid Member get bonus everyday!
    * Bonus: Member level 14+ units 3 days of Free Rotating Banner,

    2000 Credits and 1 free unit
    * Bonus: Member level 25+ units 1 weeks of Free Rotating banner,

    10000 Credits and 2 free units
    * Bonus will sent manualy, please give us your banner information!

    Just contact us!

    For more information, visit


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