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Surfing the way it was meant to be.

image Venetian Ads has been in the works since late 2006. We have surrounded ourselves with successful business men and women. Our staff has a combined total of 37 years experience in the financial sector. We are here to bring creditability to the surfing industry as a whole. Over the first two quarters of 2007 we have visited with and met with several knowledgeable individuals in the surfing industry. We are confident Venetian Ads will be a leader in this industry with the support of our Members. Give us a try, it does not cost anything to create an account and browse our site. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please use our contact link.

Representative Rewards
Dividend Rebate Program.

image Venetian Ads has the industries best Representative Dividend Rebate Program. With this program our Representatives have the opportunity to share in the success of Venetian Ads Total Advertising intake. A percentage of Venetians Ads daily revenue will be paid to Representatives who participate in this program. All we ask is that you view 15 of our advertisers sites each day to earn this rebate.

Changing The Standard
Long Term Reliance

Venetian Ads Has One Main Objective. Providing a Long Term Program. Our staff is committed to doing "what ever it takes" to guarantee long term success for our members and sponsors. Our Finance Officer was a long term fund manager for over 14 years. His success in the Financial Sector and understanding of Big Business is a great asset to the Venetian Ads Program. We consider ourselves fortunate to have him aboard.

Member Support is Paramount to the success of any business venture. Our commitment to our members is unmatched in the industry. Bringing creditability to the surfing industry will be beneficial to all legitimate surfing programs. We are looking to bring Big Advertisers into this arena of online marketing. Without them this industry will never realize it true potential.

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