250 Credits Signup Bonus

Surf Here Zone Welcomes You

Get Quick and Easy Traffic for your Site
No Popups Allowed
20 second timer

2 Different ways to get Bonus Credits
One - On the Surf Bar
Two - Random pages while you surf

Daily Contest for viewing the most sites and earning the most

credits 20 winners

Earn .2 credits for each site your referrants view.

Earn .5 or 2 credits for advertising the Home Page. Earn while you

look for referrals.
(Check Faqs for details)

10:6 earning ratio for Free Accounts

1:1 earning ratio for Bronze Membership

1:2 earning ratio for Silver Membership

1:3 earning ratio for Gold Membership

Use your credits for views of your own site.

Upgrade for monthly bonuses and higher earning ratio.
Monthly and Lifetime upgrades available.

Note : You must surf and view other surfers sites to have yours

Invest $5.00 and once 10 people sign up after you I will pay you

$25.00 in return so take a look under upgrades must be a member to

this site which is free. Also once payment has been received I

will credit your account with 25,000 credits.

For more information, visit

My Website Title Here!

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