Child care providers are tasked not only to teach but also to take care of the kids in left with them for the duration of their stay. Here are some things that will help keep things safe and well in your day care.

1. Keep kids neat and clean.
2. Check if kidsí nails are clean and clipped carefully and regularly.
3. Promptly remove wet and soiled diapers and clean the child thoroughly.
4. Make sure that genitals are clean and dry at all times to avoid fungal infections.
5. Fungal infections, dermatitis etc can be prevented by proper cleaning. Care of the scalp is very important.
6. Make sure that kids are wearing loose and airy clothes.
7. Room should have sufficient light and ventilation. It should be free from dust and pollutants.
8. Always keep some music making toys for babies and children.
9. Milk, fibers, food and cosmetics can cause allergies. If child is exhibiting an allergic reaction try to discover the offending allergen through a process of elimination.
10. Diseases like malaria, dengue , filariasis, yellow fever spread through mosquito bites. Mosquito bite can also produce skin eruptions with some allergic reactions and can disturb sound sleep. Make sure your centre is free from mosquitoes and other biting insects.
11. Make sure you have a calm, consistent naptime routine to encourage healthy sleep. Kids need lots of sleep. Growth hormones kick in during REM so napping kids are busy.
12. Growth, behavioural and motor development as well as personal social development, language development and others should be noted in relation to age. However, parents need not be over anxious as slight variations are seen from individual to individual.
13. Regularly measure weight and height as it is essential to assess growth.
14. Proper toilet training should be given when the infant grows. The infant can be placed on the toilet seat by the age of ten months.
15. Always thoroughly sanitise the toilet seat. Sharing with other kids isn't encouraged.
16. Keep a fully stocked first aid kit at hand. This should contain dressing, sterile cotton and antiseptic lotion. Note all emergency numbers and keep it in an obvious place.
17. Child's medicines should be kept in separate box. Information regarding dose and mode of administration should be noted and affixed to the box.
18. If an accident happen take necessary first aid measures and get the child to a nearby hospital.

Here are some things that should be avoided in your centre.

1. No shaking baby as it can cause brain damage.
2. Don't keep any small things near the baby as well as sharp or pointed items.
3. If a child is coughing or crying a lot don't try to get them to eat.
4. Keep any dangerous or toxic substances out of child's reach.
5. Avoid tight clothing.
6. All electrical sockets and wires should be childproofed.
7. Don't leave kids alone in the kitchen, it is a dangerous place for them
8. Avoid strong light in the quiet room or nap room.
9. Medicine that has been prescribed for someone else should not be given to another child.

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