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    Default AmericanEagleWON - Become An TEL3Advantage™ Agent - AND MAKE SOME BUCKS...


    Roy Lamb AmericanEagleWON Here...

    Just Click This Link:
    And see all this "BELOW" in HTML...

    ~ TEL3Advantage™

    What is TEL3Advantage™?

    How do I sign up?

    How do I place a Call?

    What are my Access Numbers?

    What is ## *#????

    What is the Flex Plan?

    What Features does TEL3Advantage™ Have?

    What are some of the Benefits and Costs of TEL3Advantage™?

    What can I do with Customer Account Management?

    TEL3Advantage™ is proud to announce the launch of its brand new service plan - the Flex Plan. The cleanest product on the market with the lowest rates! No monthly fees! No hidden charges of any kind! No activation or connection fees!

    ---------- NOTE: Look At All These PLACES We Are In!!!

    Check rates for the TEL3Advantage™ Flex Plan.
    Local Access Toll-Free Access

    Afghanistan Alaska Albania Albania Mobile Algeria Algeria Algiers Algeria Mobile Algeria Mobile Orascom American Samoa Andorra Angola Angola Mobile Anguilla Antarctica Antigua And Barbuda Argentina Argentina Buenos Aires Argentina Mobile Argentina Santa Fe Armenia Armenia Mobile Armenia Yerevan Aruba Aruba Freephone Aruba Mobile Aruba Pager Aruba Premium Ascension Island Australia Australia Mobile Australia Pager Australia Personal Australia Sydney Austria Austria Freephone Austria Mobile Other Carriers Austria Mobile Telering Austria Mobile Tmobile Austria Vienna Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Mobile Bahamas Bahrain Bahrain Mobile Bangladesh Bangladesh Chittagong Bangladesh Dhaka Bangladesh Mobile Bangladesh Sylet Barbados Barbados Mobile Belarus Belgium Belgium Freephone Belgium Mobile Belgium Pager Belgium Personal Belgium Premium Belize Belize Mobile Belize Pager Benin Bermuda Bermuda Mobile Bhutan Bhutan Mobile Bolivia Bolivia Mobile Bolivia Premium Bosnia And Herzegovina Bosnia And Herzegovina Freephone Bosnia And Herzegovina Mobile Bosnia And Herzegovina Personal Bosnia And Herzegovina Premium Bosnia And Herzegovina Sarajevo Botswana Botswana Mobile Botswana Pager Brazil Brazil Mobile Brazil Porto Alegre Brazil Rio De Janeiro City Brazil Sao Paolo Brazil Sao Paulo City British Virgin Islands Brunei Darussalam Bulgaria Bulgaria Freephone Bulgaria Mobile All Carriers Bulgaria Pager Bulgaria Sofia Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central African Republic Central African Republic Mobile Chad Chile Chile Freephone Chile Mobile Chile Santiago China China Mobile Christmas Island Cocos Islands Colombia Colombia Barranquilla Colombia Bogota Colombia Cali Colombia Medellin Colombia Mobile Comoros Congo Congo (Zaire Mobile) Dem. Rep. Of Congo (Zaire) Dem. Rep. Of Congo Mobile Cook Islands Costa Rica Costa Rica Mobile Cote D'Ivoire Croatia Croatia Mobile Cuba Cuba Mobile Cyprus Czech Republic Czech Republic Freephone Czech Republic Mobile Czech Republic Pager Czech Republic Premium Denmark Denmark Mobile Denmark Personal Denmark Premium Diego Garcia Diego Garcia Premium Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic Dominican Republic Mobile Dominican Republic Pager Dominican Santiago Dominican Santo Domingo Ecuador Ecuador Quito Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Estonia Freephone Estonia Mobile Estonia Personal Estonia Premium Ethiopia Falkland Islands Falkland Islands Premium Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Freephone Faroe Islands Mobile Faroe Islands Premium Fiji Finland Finland Freephone Finland Mobile Other Carriers Finland Mobile Sonera Finland Personal Finland Premium France France Mobile France Paris French Guiana French Guiana Mobile French Polynesia Gabon Gabon Mobile Gambia Georgia Georgia Mobile Georgia Premium Germany Germany Dusseldorf Germany Frankfurt Germany Freephone Germany Mobile Other Carriers Germany Munich Germany Pager Ghana Ghana Accra Ghana Mobile Gibraltar Gibraltar Mobile Greece Greece Athens Greece Freephone Greece Mobile Greece Mobile Q Telecom Greece Pager Greece Personal Greenland Grenada Grenada Mobile Grenada Pager Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Mobile Guam Guatemala Guatemala Mobile Guinea Guinea Mobile Guinea-Bissau Guyana Haiti Haiti Mobile Haiti Mobile - Comcel Haiti Mobile - Haitel Haiti Port Au Prince Haiti Premium Hawaii Honduras Honduras Mobile Hong Kong Hong Kong Mobile Hong Kong Premium Hungary Hungary Freephone Hungary Mobile Hungary Pager Hungary Premium Iceland Iceland Freephone Iceland Mobile Iceland Premium India India Ahmedabad India Andhra Pradesh India Bangalore India Bombay India Calcutta India Hyderabad India Kerala India Madras India New Delhi India Punjab Indonesia Indonesia Bandung Indonesia Jakarta Indonesia Mobile Indonesia Surabaya Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean-East A Inmarsat Indian Ocean A Inmarsat Pacific Ocean Minim Inmarsat Snac A Iran Iran Mobile Iran Tehran Iraq Iraq Baghdad Ireland Ireland Dublin Ireland Mobile Ireland Mobile Other Ireland Pager Ireland Personal Ireland Premium Israel Israel Jerusalem Israel Mobile Israel Palestinan Authority Israel Palestinan Mobile Israel Tel Aviv Italy Italy Freephone Italy Milan Italy Mobile - Vodafone Italy Mobile - Wind Telecom Italy Mobile H3g Italy Mobile Other Carriers Italy Roaming Italy Rome Jamaica Jamaica Mobile Jamaica Personal Japan Japan Mobile Japan Tokyo Jordan Jordan Mobile Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Almaty Kazakhstan Mobile Kenya Kenya Mobile Kenya Nairobi Kiribati Kiribati Mobile Korea North Korea North Pyong Yang Korea South Korea South Mobile Korea South Seoul Kuwait Kuwait Mobile Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Latvia Mobile Latvia Pager Lebanon Lebanon Mobile Lesotho Lesotho Mobile Liberia Liberia Mobile Libya Libya Mobile Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Freephone Liechtenstein Mobile Liechtenstein Pager Lithuania Lithuania Freephone Lithuania Mobile Lithuania Pager Lithuania Premium Luxembourg Luxembourg Freephone Luxembourg Mobile Macau Macedonia Macedonia Mobile Macedonia Premium Madagascar Malawi Malaysia Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Mobile Malaysia Penang Maldives Mali Mali Mobile Mali Mobile - Ikatel Malta Malta Freephone Malta Mobile Malta Pager Malta Premium Mariana Islands Marshall Islands Martinique Martinique Mobile Mauritania Mauritius Mexico Mexico Acapulco Mexico Aguascalientes Mexico Campeche Mexico Cananea Mexico Celaya Mexico Chihuahua Mexico City Mexico City Mobile Mexico Ciudad Juarez Mexico Cozumel Mexico Cuautla Mexico Cuernavaca Mexico Culiacan Mexico Durango Mexico Ensenada Mexico Guadalajara Mexico Guadalajara Mobile Mexico Huimanguillo Mexico Irapuato Mexico Jala Mexico Jalapa Mexico La Paz Mexico La Piedad Mexico Lagos De Moreno Mexico Leon Mexico Lerdo De Tejada Mexico Lerma Mexico Los Reyes Mexico Los Reyes Acozac Mexico Magdalena Mexico Manzanillo Mexico Martinez De La Torre Mexico Matamoros Mexico Mayanalán Mexico Mazatlan Mexico Merida Mexico Mexicali Mexico Monclova Mexico Monterrey Mexico Monterrey Mobile Mexico Morelia Mexico Nogales Mexico Nuevo Laredo Mexico Oaxaca Mexico Ocotlán Mexico Orizaba Mexico Pachuca Mexico Poza Rica Mexico Puebla Mexico Puerto Penasco Mexico Puerto Vallarta Mexico Queretaro Mexico Reynosa Mexico Rio Grande Mexico Rosarito Mexico Sahuayo Mexico Salamanca Mexico Saltillo Mexico San Fernando Mexico San Jose Del Cabo Mexico San Luis De La Paz Mexico San Luis Potosi Mexico San Miguel De Allende Mexico San Miguel El Alto Mexico Tampico Mexico Tijuana Mexico Toluca Mexico Tonatico Mexico Torreon Micronesia Moldova Moldova Benderi Moldova Chisinau Moldova Freephone Moldova Mobile Moldova Pager Moldova Premium Moldova Transnistria Monaco Mongolia Montserrat Morocco Morocco Casablanca Morocco Marakesh Morocco Mobile Morocco Mobile - Meditel Morocco Mobile -Other Morocco Tangier Mozambique Myanmar Namibia Namibia Mobile Namibia Premium Nauru Nepal Nepal Kathmandu Nepal Mobile Netherland Antilles Pager Netherlands Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Antilles Mobile Netherlands Freephone Netherlands Mobile Netherlands Pager Netherlands Personal Netherlands Premium New Caledonia New Zealand New Zealand Freephone New Zealand Mobile New Zealand Pager New Zealand Premium Nicaragua Nicaragua Boaco Nicaragua Chinandega Nicaragua Diriamba Nicaragua Esteli Nicaragua Granada Nicaragua Jinotega Nicaragua Jinotepe Nicaragua Managua Nicaragua Masatepe Nicaragua Masaya Nicaragua Mobile Nicaragua Mobile - BellSouth Nicaragua Mobile -Other Nicaragua Nandaime Nicaragua Rivas Nicaragua San Juan Del Sur Nicaragua San Marcos Niger Nigeria Nigeria Akure Nigeria Lagos Nigeria Mobile Niue North Yemen Norway Norway Mobile Norway Oslo Norway Personal Norway Premium Oman Oman Mobile Pakistan Pakistan Karachi Pakistan Mobile Palau Palestine Palestine Mobile Panama Panama Mobile Panama Panama City Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Mobile Papua New Guinea Premium Paraguay Paraguay Asuncion Paraguay Mobile Peru Peru Lima Peru Mobile Philippines Philippines Mobile Philippines Pager Poland Poland Mobile Poland Pager Portugal Portugal Mobile Portugal Pager Portugal Personal Portugal Premium Puerto Rico Qatar Reunion Island Reunion Island Mobile Romania Romania Bucharest Romania Mobile Russia Russia Leningrad Region Russia Mobile Russia Moscow Russia Moscow Region Russia St. Petersburg Rwanda Saint Kitts And Nevis Saint Lucia Saint Lucia Mobile Saint Lucia Pager Saint Lucia Premium Samoa San Marino Sao Tome And Principe Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Dhahran Saudi Arabia Jeddah Saudi Arabia Makkah (Mecca) Saudi Arabia Mobile Saudi Arabia Riyadh Senegal Senegal Dakar Senegal Mobile Serbia Seychelles Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Freetown Singapore Singapore Mobile Slovakia Slovakia Freephone Slovakia Mobile Slovakia Personal Slovakia Premium Slovenia Slovenia Freephone Slovenia Mobile Slovenia Pager Slovenia Premium Solomon Islands Solomon Islands Mobile Somalia South Africa South Africa Mobile Spain Spain Madrid Spain Mobile - Telefonica Spain Mobile - Vodafone Spain Mobile Other Carriers Spain Personal Spain Premium Sri Lanka St. Helena St. Helena Premium St. Pierre And Miquelon St. Vincent Grenadines St. Vincent Grenadines Mobile Sudan Suriname Swaziland Sweden Sweden Mobile - Tele2 Sweden Mobile - Telia Sweden Mobile - Vodafone Sweden Mobile -All Carriers Sweden Mobile Other Carriers Sweden Pager Sweden Personal Sweden Premium Switzerland Switzerland Geneva Switzerland Mobile - Orange Switzerland Mobile - Sunrise Switzerland Mobile - Swisscom Switzerland Mobile Other Carriers Switzerland Pager Switzerland Personal Switzerland Premium Syria Syria Mobile Taiwan Taiwan Mobile Taiwan Pager Tajikistan Tanzania Tanzania Dar Es Salaam Thailand Thailand Bangkok Togo Tokelau Tonga Trinidad And Tobago Tunisia Tunisia Tunis Turkey Turkey Ankara Turkey Istanbul Turkey Izmir Turkey Mobile Turkey Pager Turkmenistan Turks And Caicos Islands Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine Ukraine Kharkov Ukraine Mobile United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Mobile United Kingdom United Kingdom Freephone United Kingdom Mobile - All Carriers United Kingdom Other Specialized United Kingdom Pager United Kingdom Personal United Kingdom Premium Uruguay Uruguay Mobile US Us Virgin Islands Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City Venezuela Venezuela Caracas Venezuela Mobile Venezuela Premium Vietnam Vietnam Can Tho Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Vietnam Mobile Wallis And Futuna Islands Yemen Yugoslavia Yugoslavia Belgrade Yugoslavia Leskovac Yugoslavia Mobile Yugoslavia Mobile - Mobtel Yugoslavia Mobile - Telcom Serbia Yugoslavia Montenegro Mobile Zambia Zambia Mobile Zanzibar Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Mobile Zimbabwe Mobile Other
    per minute


    Features of the Flex Plan include:

    Up to 473 Free minutes on Sign Up
    Ability to create 10 subaccounts at no charge
    Sign up denominations of $25,$50 and $100
    Lowest Domestic and International Phone Rates.
    Use from any phone
    Manage all calls made from a single account
    No switching phone companies
    Pin Free Calling
    Automatic Replenishment of account funds
    No hidden fees or taxes
    One minute rounding always
    Ability to track all calls made, real-time
    Perfect to use while traveling
    Complete online account and billing management
    Enhanced Features
    Set up multiple accounts for
    family and friends
    Make multiple calls with
    one dial (## *#)
    Set up 99 Speed Dial Numbers
    10 Instant Access Numbers and SO MUCH MORE

    As you already know TEL3Advantage™ Flex Plan is TEL3™'s BEST PLAN in every way. Lowest rates both domestic and international, most free minutes on sign up and absolutely no monthly plan fees.

    Not only is the TEL3Advantage™ FLEX PLAN the best plan that TEL3™ offers, but is by far and away the most competitive and convenient solution to make long distance calls in the market today. As a consumer or business you can use the service from any phone, including your cell phone, home or office phone without having to deal with switching phone companies, breaking contracts, and paying ridiculous cancellation fees.

    The Tel3Advantage™ Flex Plan combine the best of all worlds, by giving you the quality of your traditonal phone service with the cheap rates of a prepaid phone card. However, unlike phone cards there are no hidden fees or falsely advertised rates.

    TEL3™ is a clean product with no hidden fees or charges of any kind, where you pay only for the calls that you make. With all calls billed at one minute increments.

    In addition the TEL3Advantage™ Flex Plan, as the name suggests offers you Flexibility and Convenience. You can use this service from any phone, making it perfect for travel; Especially when you are stuck in a hotel room or at a pay phone with no money!

    So think of the TEL3Advantage™ Flex Plan as the Next Generation Prepaid Long Distance Service, that will not only help you save on calls you make but make it easy for you to do so without any hassles whatsoever.

    Domestic U.S. Rate 1.9¢ (Local Access) 2.9¢ (Toll-Free Access)
    Lowest International Rates
    No monthly fees or Hidden Charges of any kind
    No Activation or Connection Fees
    One minute rounding Always
    Use from Any phone
    No switching carriers
    No obligations or long-term contracts

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