I had a competitive advantage on other writers since I started publishing novels on Amazon. It's not because I had been a far better writer (not even close to it), or had a huge fanbase I tapped right into every time I published, but as I understood that the economy easier than many.
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Before I wrote the very first page, I knew people were hunting on it and what book a few ideas individuals searched for on Amazon. I created sub titles names, along with descriptions and know the language of this market. I knew my competitors' failures and successes.
So, before I even started writing, I had guidance to help support the creation of my book and its positioning in Amazon, also had supported my book idea.
Thus, how did I get it done with KDP Rocket?
Well, in the past, I had been make use of excel sheets and also a lot of number crunching (I am a significant mathematics dork) that I discussed freely within this particular post. However, as launching KDP Rocket, my attention has been on adding powerful, automated features to allow the applications to accomplish the heavy lifting. As a consequence of this vision, KDP Rocket is being upgraded depending on user feedback, and also two functions are added at no additional cost since launch.
To put it simply, KDP Rocket is also an easy to use software that helps authors understand their book market/niche better, figure out the competition is potential money exists, what words your target market a good deal more and also is currently using.
Exactly how does something like this do most that and how can it function?
Well, in this KDP Rocket inspection, I'm going to Demonstrate:
What is Book Advertising Research and Should You're Doing It
KDP Rocket Will Help
KDP Rocket functions
Frequently Asked Questions
High Level words of info
Is this Another Kindle KeywordTool? In nout does not think so...
It's a lot more than only that, while KDP Rocket is excellent in assisting you to figure out your 7 kindle keywords. It is a complete Book Marketing Research tool.
Writers must use KDP Rocket to find out more about the current market and find out whether or not they should input that market/niche, potential earnings which exist, and ensure they have an advertising plan based on the info provided by the application.
Can this gaming this system? Excellent Lord.
Just about every type of business uses some process such as this to analyze and validate their ideas. Even brands is going to do market research to work out which location or idea will probably yield far better results.
If given the option untitled-7Take by way of example, In N Out, that is the best fast food burger joint in America -- heck a4 4 Double-Double using Animal Style and also Animal Style Fries would be my very last meal.
However, In nout will not just opt for an area randomly when creating a restaurant. First, they'll choose a metropolis. They'll examine the streets that seem to receive the most car traffic. Once they have a couple of spots picked out, they'll look at the variety of competitions near and whether or not any profit is being made by them. Ultimately asking themselves when they'd triumph in this location.
After assessing their competitors, potential traffic, costs for each site, and the potential for success, they'll think of statistical amounts to help them ultimately decide at which the best spot is to take up a new In nout restaurant -- this process is known as Operational Research.
So, why don't writers try this?
The quick and simple response is that it requires a great deal of math, and it stuff to grow from scratch.
And...this is exactly the reason why we created KDP Rocket.
So, How Can That Help Me?
Recognizing your own market, knowing the lookup words your supporters use when reserve shopping, knowing that who your opponents ' and what's working for them will help you with the following:
Validate your novel idea and ensure it'll sell well before writing it have you ever said "I've got a book idea" however, not convinced it would triumph? Well, here you go.
Know just how many Folks are actively searching for your book idea
Discover profitable niches either falsified or falsified
Select kindle keywords that increase discoverability on Amazon
Choose Titles and Subtitles that join with your target market based on what they Are Searching for
Write better novel descriptions which convert browsers
Gain data to choose the Amazon advertisement words that are Perfect to goal
Locate the Kindle Category for the publication and understand Just How to become a Best Seller
Learn what kind of presents will get your readers to sign up for the email listing
And much more...
Not certain how one little software will be able to help you? Don't worry, we will get into this soon. And don't overlook our extensive KDP Rocket guide department, that goes into a pretty great detail about each (more coming soon).
Does KDP Rocket Work?
Market research can be a significant part to any business -- for example an author's. However, how can a software package do this for you allpersonally?
There are four major functions to KDP Rocket. The very first is the Keyword Search. This makes it possible to figure out which market is sexy, what phrases your target audience is using when looking for a novel, the sustainability of markets, the potential income that your publication could profit, and more. Let's see all of this in action:
The next is your Contest Search. When you have found a possible market or term to aim in Amazon, it is the right time to find out more about your competitors. Things you want to understand is, if and how they are successful, what is required to be able to overcome them , etc.. Watch how it works below:
Rocket's third principal feature is AMS Keyword Search. I am a strong believer which advertisements on Amazon is one of the most truly effective kinds of marketing to get self-publishers. In fact, I offer the whole free route to find people started with AMS Advertising. Rocket may make it quick and easy to create lists of keywords which can be exported into an AMS effort.
The fourth principal function provided by Rocket is Category Search. This allows you to research the various Kindle categories available for your book and know exactly what it will take to be a best seller in each.
Those may happen to be short demonstrations, but we have a lot more on our free tutorial section.
In the weeks befo*****d, I'll soon be publishing new videos about book marketing research approaches and showing you how you can translate the numbers. I'll even conduct case studies where you'll have the ability to check over my shoulder as I navigate KDP Rocket and take a look at different markets -- both fiction and also non fiction.
But even though KDP Rocket is not for you, I'd still advise book marking this tutorial page, because even though I make use of the software to rapidly and economically pull the data, you'll be amazed to see how you can use such advice to help promote your novels.
Frequently Asked Questions:
I bet there are a great deal of questions swarming about such something. So, let's visit some of their very usual ones. When I haven't touched the question, hit me up in the comments below.
Does KDP Rocket Cost?
Currently, it's being offered for $ 9-7. No subscription fees, or even an upsell. Why? Because when I have to cover extra to master just how to make use of a program I dislike subscriptions and can not endure it that I only covered.
Does it Focus with Mac and PC?
Yup. Definitely. KDP Rocket is certified to work on Mac and Windows computers alike.
Does it Work for International Markets?
As of right now, KDP Rocket contrasts and just reads the usa market. However, we are well trying to create KDP Rocket applicable to international markets! And when it really is, it will be a free upgrade for you guys.
Is KDP Rocket Helpful for Fiction Authors?
Y.E.S.. As a fiction author, do desire to know what people are typing into Amazon's search bar? Have you been interested about in case their publication subjects are making money, of course, how your competitors are doing? Would you want to know which trends are sexy and get hints? KDP Rocket is right for you if your response to some one of those above is yes , yes. I've got a video tutorial coming out soon that'll demonstrate most this from the Fiction Writer's standpoint. It's going to be discussed at length later on Kindlepreneur essay.
You Got a Guarantee?
I stand by my products. Give it a go and simply contact our service team if within 30 days that you never think it's suitable for you. We are going to refund you, no questions asked. Discuss risk-free! Money-Back-New2
How does it compare to KD Spy or Kindle Samurai?
Lots of you're familiar with the keyword or search software in the self-publishing world. As you'll notice, KDP Rocket is pretty unique.
Let's start with Kindle Samurai. Unlike Kindle Samurai, KDP Rocket operates on PCs AND Macs. Additionally, its more up to date, includes Google searches per month (crucial if you're attempting to detect new niches) and interprets the info better. With KDP Rocket, additionally you will get earnings -- each one Amazon searches a month, along with yourself a competitor score.
Let's talk about KD Spy. Unlike KD Spy, KDP Rocket is not a Chrome Plug in. It is a stand-alone software program that does the task for you. Using KD Spy, then you need to go to the particular page of attention and receive KD Spy going. It's really a excellent tool which pulls data, however it will not give you some real analysis or significant data -- for example searches per month, a Contest score (other than crimson, yellow and green), monthly and daily earnings, and maybe suggestions for finding better markets.
KDP Rocket is my own invention, and of course I will advocate for this. I feel that its capacity to research some ideas, categories, keywords, and AMS advertising, all in 1 package, is not some thing you will see else where.
Plans for Progress
I'm all in on the self publishing as you guys know. KDP Rocket is an immediate manifestation of my caliber standards and myself. Iyou will be looking for methods to improve it and'll work to produce KDP Rocket a tool.
Heck, I've been using it therefore in any manner to create my own selfpublishing more effective and efficient, I am personally for this.
my team have constantly sought to improve it, since launch KDP Rocket. Our upgrades have added new features such as Category investigation and AMS advertising research at no excess cost. Nevertheless, since the world of publication marketing evolves, KDP Rocket will grow. In the long run I plan to include --
International Markets: Currently, KDP Rocket only works for the United States market. But we're enlarging Rocket it should find a way to switch between each one of the worldwide markets and present all of the exact same advice -- about why people self-publishers must look into them like we discussed in this article, remember.
Hit us up on our support page when there is a suggestion. Feedback is loved by us and give a great deal of info.
Ready to Blast Off?
I am not here to claim that KDP Rocket is going to likely be the lottery ticket you are on the lookout to get...you understand me better than that.

It's tough to deny that the information KDP Rocket delivers is useful for all sorts of writers.
Let's put this way:
It will have paid for itself 5x if you stop from making one novel idea decision. How? Consider the cost of your time, the purchase price of editor a book cover, formatter, and a few ads.
Plus, I am certain using make you a novel marketer at the very long term and the information of KDP Rocket will increase earnings. If your book is $2.99, then when it enables you to sell 36 more books...in your whole writer life...it will have paid for it self.
36...that's it.
But as I said above. Experiment with this for 30 days and I will give you a complete refund if you aren't happy, no questions asked.
Therefore, where's the risk? $ 9-7 for much better publication market knowledge, advanced insight and metrics -- plus encourage...and 1 month to pick.