Sade has turned down an offer to work with the legendary singer named Jay-Z, the reason being that she is “quite scared” to collaborate with the respective singer. Sade who is also known as the English ‘Fast Car’ singer stated in a recent interview that she gave that she had been approached by several singers, many of them who had been Hip Hop stars who wanted to use the tracks of her group – that is also called as Sade - to either rap or to help in the creation of a track that would be made with using her vocals for the chorus lines, but she had always somehow declined to do so.
Sade stated that she had been too scared that they would somehow find her out. She said that it was kind of like The Wizard of Oz and if she worked with them they would somehow find out that there would be simply nothing over there.
As far as the collaborations are concerned she stated that she would be collaborating with the band and then would be doing what was to be done. She further said that she could see herself as being a member of the respective music band that does the songs that they used to pen. In a recent interview Sade let on that she did not like the idea of doing collaborations with some other singers because she prefers staying within what she calls her “safety zone”. Here is the best chance to see sade live performances in different cities buy Sade Anaheim and enjoy his shows.Sade Los Angeles