I greet you in the lovely name of Jesus and I want to call on all the Pipsters that know how to do Spiritual warfare. I thank Bryan, Sharon and Marek for all the Good meaning effort that they have been doing to calm the people down and at the same time fight off the enemy. This fight is not a physical fight but a Spiritual, hence let us fight the Good Fight because we already know it’s outcome. Let us take the authority that has been given us, 2000 years ago and
• bind every spiritual power in wicket places,
• every evil force that are coming against our business and
• that the skins may fall from their eyes from those who are being used by the evil one and that they should come to the full knowledge of the saving grace and mercy of Jesus Christ.

Let us start a global prayer chain by drawing up a 24 hour roster and for 15 minutes a day, everyday, on the time that you enter on the roster, pray until we get the breakthrough. Long enough have then Christian been sitting back that the enemy walk over us. LETS’ ACT NOW!!!!!!