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    Default How I become a better trader?

    Trade with very little risk, such as 0.01 (a fraction of a percentage), operates at this size, until you've had 5 or 10 consecutive days of gains, then double your position size. Continue to increase the size when you've had consecutive days of gains. When you trade small positions is easy to accept small losses. You get used and do not lose your heart and soul.
    *Another thing, accepting losses is part of the job. Please block this tought of your mind when you have a loss. You should not have emotions that affect your next position. If your position meets the requirements, you should run it without emotion. You learn from your losses to analyze your performance and your strategy, but you see it objectively.
    That's all I can advise you for now I hope to help you.

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    First ,you should learn how to be patient in forex.It is a very easy job for you to be a successful trader in a so short time.It will take you a long time in learning the basement of forex,trading skills and money management.Practice makes perfect.You still need a lot of trading experience to help you to become a successful trader there. for the lesson in forex, Armada Markets give video tutorial

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