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    Post New cryptocurrency GoldReserve [XGR] X11 Unique Stabilizer Fund

    New cryptocurrency - GoldReserve [XGR]

    Launch: June 07, 2014 20:00 GMT+2

    GoldReserve is the next step cryptocurrency! I created this coin, because there are not one altcoin existing which gives people the feeling that it will give a steady growth and if things goes sideways, and coins can be easily liquidated at any time without a huge loss. GoldReserve gives you all of that! The Stabilizer Fund - collected during the POW phase - will be converted into GOLD! (Yes, the precious metal!) This will serve as the backup of the coin. With this Fund I will be able to buy back DIRECTLY each and every existing GoldReserve coins!

    How does it work?

    Its simple. There is a premine (yes, it's because of the nature of this coin! Read on), which will be sold, slowly, bit by bit during the POW phase. The BTC collected on a publicly known address will be divided to 4 parts: 80-10-5-5 %.
    80% will go to the Stabilizer Fund, which will be directly converted to GOLD, and of course it will be on a publicly announced account, and everybody could check 24/7, how much GOLD is on it!
    10% will go to the dev directly (I think of it as a salary, and a fund to upgrade the coin from time to time),
    5% will go to Charity (Cancer Foundations, Animal shelters, Homeless shelters, there will be a vote to choose which one)
    5% will go to a development fund, it will be used for future improvement like anonimity (its not in it yet), merchant acceptance, etc.

    There also will be a DONATION account, both XGR and BTC, everyone welcome to send a donation, if you benefited from this coin in any way! The DONATION will be divided as the premine!

    Why I choose this method?

    I think all of the scams we experienced recently, are because the individuals who launched the hundreds of altcoins forgot one thing. How they will get a steady income out of their own coin? As they realized they can not have it directly from mining or trading then they did not have any other choise but to trick the money out of your pockets. I created this coin to be prosper for a long time. For reaching this goal, I have to put time and money in this project, but everyone will have the benefits of my hard work! For my work I think I deserve a percent of the profit you make with my coin. Straight and simple.

    Milestone I

    Approximately 2-3 weeks after launch, premine will be sold entirely. The BTC amount will be divided as mentioned before. The First set of Gold will be bought, Gold account will be revealed.

    Milestone II

    After POW phase over, price will fluctuate then settle at a certain level. Hopefully, the community will donate a few percentage of their gain on GoldReserve, making it possible to buy more and more Gold with that Fund. Minimum price will grow, which stimulate the price to go higher and higher.

    Milestone III

    To became a worldwide known cryptocurrency, GoldReserve should have an Exchange where GRE can trade against the 3 largest FIAT, USD, EUR, CNY (Chinese Yuan).

    Block Explorer

    Pools[/b][/size][b](fee: 0.99%)

    Windows Wallet

    Linux Wallet

    Mac Wallet


    Twitter: @GoldReserveCoin





    Mac wallet: 1,000 coins
    TOP 100 richlist+
    Block explorer: 10,000 coins
    First Pool: 5,000 coins
    First multipool: 10,000 coins

    just to clarify, multipool means a pool which mines altcoins and pays in GRE!


    - algo: X11
    - Max. coins: 40.000.000
    - Block time: 110 sec
    - Coin maturity 30 blocks
    - difficulty retarget: after 10 blocks
    - min coin age 24 hrs
    - Coin age maturity 10 days
    - block rewards:
    till block 100 100 coins
    till block 500 300 coins
    till block 10,000 600 coins
    till block 50,000 300 coins
    till block 100,000 100 coins

    POW phase till block 100,000
    POS interest 10% annually. POS starts at first block!

    Premine: 10% (4million)
    IPO 1: 500,000 coins
    IPO 2: 100,000 coins
    IPO 3: 100,000 coins
    Developer funds: 100,000 coins
    IPO should not be sold within 5 days or till daily volume of the exchange is more then that!

    Premine wallet: GKYjhVaQFyXmQmvTnPJBp3G4imdLjTLUQh
    IPO1 wallet: GMCA4KpVbRLBYJzTPHWGxgyQTCkeBQqPfi
    IPO2 wallet: GeHLq23RxjTLLeLJDK7HX3MvGTkuQwyzHr
    IPO3 wallet: GedqbJSeTi4afZmRxkP7RKUSd2tbQX6Uhi

    Mining Info:
    You must use sph-sgminer with darkcoin or X11mod kernel.

    Other English thread:


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    From 18.07.2014 GOLDRESERVE is officially backed by GOLD:
    I checked the daily audit but the new total amount will not show till midnight.
    Despite that I am submiting the Gold Account where the gold is stored!
    It is official now GoldReserve is backed by GOLD!!

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    News from GoldReserve project developer:

    Hi everyone! I got good news! I contacted @CryptoAsian and Coinsource. They both have a Proof of Developers system, which provides trust to the investors of a coin.

    My review will be ready this week and I will get 4 points from CryptoAsian (as I can not meet him personally), and 6/7 from Coinsource, but that can go up to 7/7 after I got their postcards!

    Please check their sites:

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    Developer of GoldReserve evaluated himself with 2 of the Proof of Developers system providers, here is the first result:

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