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all king of textile Jacquard , dobby , Emboridry , Fastion ,Garments are available like ....

NedGraphics All Modules . (2007,2008,2009)

Apso,EAT-Victor .Wonder-Weaves.Textronics 2009.JCAD,ZDJW CAD,QIHUI CAD,MueCad ,pixel art,Penlope,Willcome ,Tajima,
OptiTex,CivilCad ,

-------------------JACQUARD SOFTWARES-----------------

- APSO Carpet Designer v3.3.32.1
- APSO Dobby Designer v4.0.1.01
- APSO Jacquard Designer v3.4.5.01

- EAT Designscope Victor v 4.4.1

- MüCAD 3.505 with Digicolor
- MüCAD 3.6 with Digicolor

NedGraphics Catalog Creator -
- Catalog Creator2007 ,US

NedGraphics Design Workshop -
-Design Workshop 2005 ,DE,FR,NL,US

NedGraphics DesignCOM
-DesignCOM Support Files,US

NedGraphics Dobby (Pro)
- Dobby & Dobby PRO , US
- Dobby Machine_Conversions ,US
- Dobby_Simulation_Viewer ,US

Nedgraphics Easy Map
- Easy Map Creator Pro 8.0.08 ,US

NedGraphics Texcelle TexFlash
- TexFlash 2007,US

NedGraphics [email protected]
- WeaveGate 8.0 ,US

NedGraphics Weaver
- Weaving Machine Conversions ,US

NedGraphics Jacquard

- Jacquard 2007 ,US
- Jacquard 2008 ,US
- Jacquard 2009 ,US

NedGraphics Layer_Master
- Layer Master 2005 8.0.08 ,US

NedGraphics ColorTec
- ColorTec Interface ,US

NedGraphics Fashion Studio
- Vision Fashion Studio V9.0.13
- Vision Fashion Studio V 10

NedGraphics Simulated Printed Fabric
- Simulating Printed Fabrics Color****5 8.0.16 ,US,FR

NedGraphics Tonal Designer & Engraver
- Tonal Tracing 8.0.09 ,US

Wonder-Weaves Full Pakage
Jacquard & Electronics Machines Converters

Textronics Jacquard 2009
with Electronics Jacquard converters

ZDJW CAD (China textile software full pakage)
with all kind of electronics Machines converters

QIHUI CAD (China textile software full pakage)
All Machines Converters.

Pixel Art Jacquard
Pixel Studio

Penlope Jacquard
Penlope Dobby

Muller Mue Cad.
Digicolors 3.6,
------------------------------DOBBY DESIGNING-----------------------------

APSO Dobby Designer v4.0.1.01

NedGraphics Design Workshop

NedGraphics Dobby Pro

Dobby & Dobby PRO ,US

Textronics Deskpro 2009

Textronics Dobby Pro 2008

WeaveMaker 8.6.0

Penlope Dobby Designer

Dobby Pixel

Pro - Weave 6

Weave Point

Weave It pro

------------------------------EMBORIDRY SOFTWARES--------------------------------

- Wilcom V7 ES65
- Wilcom.V8 ES65
- Wilcom 9 ES65 SP3
- Wilcom 9 ES65 SP4

PatternElite (Pad System 4.6)
PatternElite (Pad System 4.8)

Tajima DGML By Pulse 2009

Embird 2010

Wilcome DecoStudio


MindCad 1.13

******** Digital Desen Wingsxp2.50

ZSK ECPWin 3.5

Art & Stitch

Cadmatics 5.3

Li Xing 5.7



SEDS II Anchor 3.3

StitchTools Lettering

StitchTools Lettering Plus 3.3

--------------------------------SHOES MAKING------------------

Shoes master 9.03



-----------------------------TEXTILE GARMENTS----------------------

Audaces 7.5 All Modules

AutoTex 5.6 Full

Gerber Accumark Ver (Professional)- Espaņol
Gerber Accumark Ver (Professional)- Espaņol Download
Gerber AccuMark Ver "New"

Accumark V-Stitcher 3.2- Espaņol
Accumark V-Stitcher 4.2- Espaņol
Accumark V-Stitcher 4.4- Espaņol
Accumark V-Stitcher 4.5- Espaņol "New"
Accumark V-Styler 4.4- Espaņol

DressingSim LookStailor X.I

ET2007 Garment CAD
ET2008 Garment CAD

Gemini CAD Pattern Editor x8 v2009
Gemini CAD Cut Plan x8 v2009
Gemini CAD Nest Expert x8 v2009
Gemini CAD Photo Digitizer x8 v2009
Gemini CAD PLT Spooler x8 v2009

Investronica V8R1 ( all Modules )-Espaņol Download

Lectra Diamino V5R2
Lectra Diamino Fashion V5R3 Download
Lectra Diamino Fashion V5R2c3
Lectra Focus Pilot V2R2C1
Lectra Formaris Furniture V5R1
Lectra Futura Ver 7.5
Lectra GraphicSpec Furniture V2R5
Lectra InvesCut Pilot V8R1
Lectra Kaledo Style V1R1c9
Lectra Modaris V5R1c3
Lectra Modaris V6R1 Expert/PRO
Lectra ModarisV6R1c1 Expert/PRO
Lectra Modaris V6R1C3 Expert/PRO
Lectra Modaris 3D Fit V5R2
Lectra OptiPlan v3r1c1
Lectra Prima Vision Ver 5.1
Lectra ProStyle Ver 5.3c1
Lectra U4IA V7R1C9
Lectra Vector Pilot V2R2C1

OptiTex 2006 Ver 9.6 full modulos
OptiTex 2006 Ver full modulos
OptiTex 2008 Ver 10.0137 82 & Runway Designer 10 espaņol
OptiTex 2008 Ver 10.0.974.Full Cd Whit Runway 10,Nest2++,Fabric Editor Download

Pad System 4.5 All Modullar
Pad System 4.6 All Modullar

PatternMaker fashion v7

PolyPattern 4.5 All Modullar
PolyPattern 5.0 All Modullar Download

Richpeace Garment CAD Ver 4.9
Richpeace Garment CAD Ver 6.3

TUKAcad v8.62

EMAIL ADDRESS - [email protected]